21+ Things to Make and Sell: The Online Business of DIY (2022)

Have you been considering starting an online DIY business? Bravo! It’s a great idea. The online business of DIY not only allows you to unleash your creativity but also helps you to monetize your art. 

While there are an endless variety of things you can sell online, you need to choose the one that best suits your interest and has a reasonable profit margin. 

To initiate you on your journey, we have made a list of 21 such items that you can make and sell online. In addition, you will also learn some basic tricks to make your DIY business profitable. 

The Online Business of DIY (2022): Here’s What You Can Sell!

Below is a list of the top 21 things you can make and sell online. 

1. Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are a great option to start with. Once you’ve prepared the mold, you can easily make dozens of bath bombs daily. To prepare bath bombs, you can use mold botanicals, essential oils, and cosmetic glitter. You can sell them for $2-$10 or even more!

2. Natural Cosmetics

Recently more and more people are inclining toward homemade, and eco-friendly cosmetics. Thus, if you have interest in DIY skin care ideas and home remedies, it is the best time to start your online natural Cosmetics business.

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3. Coasters

Making coasters can be one of the easiest ways to kickstart your online business. You can design customized coasters using different materials such as glass, wood, plastics, and textiles. 

4. Kids Toys

Toys hold a special place for kids. So, why not try your hands at making DIY toys for them and sharing your love with them? You don’t need to be an expert toymaker. Just some cloth, stuffing, and paint, and you’re good to go. 

5. Wall Art

Make and sell personalized wall decors to brighten up the walls of your potential customers. You can use almost anything available at hand, such as cardboard, fabric, and newspapers. You can also upscale discarded materials into beautiful wall art.

6. Planters

A plant in a cool planter can upgrade any working and living space. Design beautiful and unique planters that cater to different tastes. Take inspiration from DIY videos and experiment with multiple styles and raw materials.

7. Tote Bags

Use your creativity to print various patterns on blank tote bags and turn them into style statement bags while saving the world from plastic pollution. 

8. Lip Balms

Did you know that you only need beeswax, vitamin E, coconut oil, and a microwave to make your homemade lip balm? Look up such videos on YouTube to fuel your imagination and start your lip balm business today. 

9. Resin Jewelry

People across countries are going gaga over the online business of DIY resin jewelry. Resin jewelry can be easily made and is relatively inexpensive. You just need to have an eye for design. 

10. Perfumes

Perfume is popular among both men and women. You can make DIY perfumes using various essential oils and flowers. Do not forget to deliver your products in good quality containers. 

11. Candles

Candles have always been an integral part of home decor and are great gifting options. Did you know that the USA alone sells 1 billion pounds of wax for making candles? So, why not dip your hands into the online business of DIY candle making and earn money?

12. Pet Accessories

All pet parents want to pamper their pets with toys. Tap into this flourishing industry by making eco-friendly, handmade toys that are safe for pets. 

13. Customized Dinner Napkins or Hand Towels

With a little sewing knowledge, a stock of linen or cotton fabric, patience, and creativity, you can make customized dinner napkins and hand towels. 

14. Headbands

Headbands are immensely popular among fashion lovers. Moreover, they are easy to make, and you can experiment with different styles. Headbands made out of upcycled materials will attract sustainable customers. 

15. Pillows

Did you know that the home decor market generates $62.5 billion in revenue annually? So, why not be a part of this huge market by making printed pillowcases? You do not need a screen printing shop to start this business. Instead, you can make them at your home. Check out some DIY pillowcase-making ideas. 

16. Magnets

Fun, cheerful, and offbeat magnets can lure anyone’s attention. Their making charges range somewhere between $0.01 – 0.03 per piece. You can make lots of magnets within a short time period and sell them online. 


Bookmarks are the best gifts to any book nerd. They can be made very easily with minimal material. You must make them eye-catching by using your imagination and creativity. 

18. Gadget cases

Considering our increasing dependability on various gadgets, there’s an obvious need for durable yet attractive gadget cases. Make your unique gadget cases and sell them online.

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19. Greeting Cards

Whether birthdays or weddings, greeting cards are indispensable gift items. Moreover, they are relatively cheap and easy to make. You can search for greeting card ideas on the internet and start curating different cards for different occasions.

20. Canvas Paintings

Canvas paintings have always been an essential home decor item. If you are good at drawing, making and selling canvas paintings can help you to earn a hefty amount. 

21. Earrings

Making earrings is one of the easiest craft ideas. You can make an endless variety of earnings using materials such as cardboard, pearls, seashells, and clay. You will also need jewelry pliers and super glue for making your earrings.

22. Keychains

Well, keychains never run out of style, as everyone has keys. You can make a keychain in various designs and shapes using simple materials like cloth, canvas, leather, etc. Moreover, keychains are unisex, so you have a vast customer base to target. 

How to Make an Online Business of DIY Profitable?

If you are wondering how to make online business of DIY profitable, then follow these points:

  1. Keep your DIY products affordable while not compromising on your profit margin.
  2. Start your online business with items that usually have a high-profit margin.
  3. To increase your sales, write valuable and catchy product descriptions.
  4. Take good pictures of your product and promote it on social media platforms. 
  5. Build a fantastic online store, using an Ecommerce website builder. Among a list of top website builders, Shopivana is the best website builder as it allows you to curate your own website easily and quickly. Moreover, this platform comes with free website builder access for the first 30 days. It has various built-in features and an admin panel that helps you seamlessly control your website. 


You must have probably heard the saying, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” The online business of DIY can be one of the best ways to turn your passion for creativity into a budding profession. So why wait?

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