51 Top Online Business Opportunities in India

Have you started an online business yet? The recent boom appears to be the only thing in this age of digitization.

So, if you’re stuck on ideas or unsure where to start, you’ve come to the right place!

You can start an online business with the help of an eCommerce website builder and generate revenue by choosing any of the online business ideas discussed in this article. 

So, Let’s get started.

Top 51 Online Business To Do in 2022

Thanks to the best website builders, anyone can start a business today. Here are the Top online business opportunities in India for 2022:

1. Setup an eCommerce Store

Starting an online store is an incredibly profitable idea. If you want to start quickly, Shopivana and BigCommerce are popular eCommerce website builders and are typically easy ways to grow an online business.

2. Dropshipping 

Dropshipping is a fantastic way to start an eCommerce business with no initial investment. Many ecommerce website builders can assist you in selling and shipping the items directly to your customers.

3. Online Event Planner

Events are frequently broadcast online for viewers and participants. You can contribute to planning online conferences and trade shows using readily available tools.

4. Cloud Kitchen

Open your commercial kitchen and start your online business by delivering online food orders.

5. Web Developer

If you have technical knowledge, you can either train people as web developers or help people create useful websites.

6. On-Call Advisor

Retirement planning, tax planning, tax savings, how to invest, where to invest, and many more are financial issues people face. This is where an online financial expert comes in.

7. Youtube Channel

Make a YouTube channel and post innovative content. You can make money by running ads or becoming a YouTube partner.

8. Comedy Club

Comedy videos are relatively easy to go viral. You can help comedians by providing a platform to showcase their talents.

9. ITR Filing Website

You can help people with their online tax filing. Create a website through a free website builder and charge the client a small fee for filing their tax return.

10. Dance Training

You only need to outperform your students who want to learn dance basics; you do not need to be an expert.

11. Cryptocurrencies

India’s initial restrictions on cryptocurrency trading are now significantly relaxed. You can trade in cryptocurrencies depending on how much money you have to invest.

12. Trade Recipes

Leverage your kitchen creations and sell your top recipes online to earn money. 

13. SEO Agency

Start your SEO agency to assist companies in boosting their search engine results.

14. Music School

If teaching music is your passion, start an online music school. Upload a few videos to help with music studies.

15. Cricketer Fan Club

Cricket, like the entertainment industry, operates efficiently. You pick a player you like and start a fan club for him.

16. Social Media Marketing

SMM is a strategy for promoting businesses and their products and services on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

17. Online Transcriptionist

Listen to the audio recordings if you can type flawlessly and are fluent in the language. 

18. Copywriting Business

You may start your own copywriting business and help businesses boost their sales and conversions.

19. Gathering Information

Data can be obtained from a variety of sources. Provide your readers with all the news and happenings in one place.

20. Video Editor

Video editing is your online business if you’re camera-savvy and good at editing. 

21. Home Remedies

This concept is new and appealing. Many people search for natural cures to treat common illnesses online.

22. Bollywood News

Even though numerous channels broadcast Bollywood news, the market is not yet fully developed. You might still come across exciting celebrity stories or movie reviews to write. 

23. Mobile App Development

If you have any experience with mobile development, go ahead and implement your idea. 

24. Online Training

Online tutoring and coaching are distinct concepts. This online business is highly profitable in the new normal.

25. Podcast.

Podcasting is similar to running your online TV channel. Charge a fee for these audio and video feeds to monetize your online business. 

26. Sell Photos

Take stunning photographs of events, famous people, food, and culture, and then sell them on a reputable stock photo website. 

27. Travel Agency 

Partner with a travel agency and provide their services remotely by reserving airline tickets, vacation packages, rental cars, and other services from the comfort of your home.

28. Social Media Consultant

Do you enjoy using social media? If so, you could start your business as a social media consultant to help businesses improve their online presence.

29. Graphic Designer

If you’re artistic and have prior experience in graphic design, you can start your own business and take on clients.

30. Email Marketing 

If you have experience with email marketing, you can start your own business and assist others in growing their lists and increasing their open rates.

31. Freelance Writer

If you like to write, you can start your own freelance writing business and work with clients worldwide.

32. Membership Site

Create a membership site and teach paying visitors about it. You could also offer members exclusive content or discounts to join.

33. Sell Custom T-shirts

Use pre-made designs such as TeeSpring to create and sell your custom t-shirts online.

34. Etsy Shop

If you’re artistic and crafty, you can open an Etsy shop and sell your handcrafted goods to customers worldwide.

35. Thrift Store

Selling your used finds online is one of the best ideas for an internet business. A free website builder can help you create an online thrift store.

36. Virtual Assistant

Be a virtual assistant and help business owners, executives, and professionals organize their personal and professional lives. 

37. Influencer

Influencer marketing has flourished in the marketing arena. Also, you don’t need millions of followers to make money.

38. Niche Product

Create a niche product for a specific market.

39. Data Mining

If you are a technology professional with experience in data science, you can start your own data mining business.

40. IT Equipment Sales

Become an online wholesaler or outsource the equipment at a lower cost to businesses.

41. E-Library

You can rent out your ebook access. Ebooks are popular as a type of digital educational content on the internet.

42. Live Streaming 

You will advise your customers on how and what to use on live streaming platforms.

43. Music Service

Create a platform where people can listen to the music genre. You can mimic the techniques of popular streaming services.

44. Childcare on Online TV

The concept is based on watching video content. A slew of prerequisites for activities and childcare provide high-quality content.

45. Fashion Trends

All young women interested in the latest fashion trends have a fantastic opportunity. Help them choose online what’s trending.

46. Online Community

Communities will always be a trustworthy source of information from actual users. Create a community and monetize it.

47. Online Coupons and Discounts

You can make a lot of money by selling online deals and coupons.

48. Premium Content

Leverage the power of the internet and create a subscription-based model of well-researched content.

49. Finance Videos

Few people create high-quality videos on financial topics. You can make your finance video blog on YouTube.

50. Tutor Online

Online tutoring is a unique and flexible way to monetize your skills. You can continue your full-time work and take this as a freelance opportunity.

51. Translator

You can excel in this field by utilizing various internet platforms that provide numerous opportunities to translate languages.


By now, you must better understand achieving fast online business growth. Since the foundation of every online business is a website, the best website builder Shopivana allows you to launch your online business quickly. It provides all the resources required to get up and running quickly, such as payment, inventory, and logistics systems. All you have to do is come up with a good idea!

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