7 Essential Social Media Management Tools for 2023

The strategic leverage of social media with the best social media management tools makes it effortless to manage your marketing. It is particularly significant given that businesses invest a lot of money in creating content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

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Whatever sector you’re in, social media’s high prevalence is a significant factor in your ability to contact customers. So, as part of your entire online marketing plan, making the most of your preferred social media channels is crucial to your content marketing efforts.

However, investing time and money in social media is meaningless if you cannot correctly evaluate its influence. We’ve provided many excellent SMM tools and resources to help you develop your brand and gain more audience.

7 Best Social Media Management Tools

In the current digital era, brands must fully harness the power of social media if they hope to attract huge audiences, increase exposure, and strengthen bonds with existing customers. The best social media management tools are listed below to help you more easily manage your social media marketing, publishing, and management.


With HootSuite, you can include several social media profiles and get information for each one separately. You may add a social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or LinkedIn, track clicks to your eCommerce website, and even add more than one social media manager.

You can track the name, keywords, or topics of your business so that whenever they are mentioned in social media posts, even if you aren’t directly tagged, you are notified and allowed to participate.

Hootsuite offers its free SMM tools for 30 days, allowing you to manage up to two social media accounts while scheduling 5 posts. You can choose a paid plan that gives more profiles, scope, and features if you like.


Buffer makes it simple for team members to communicate and manage various accounts for your business. Moreover, its Power Scheduler is one of the most effective social media scheduling tools for testing several headlines for the same material and sharing the same content multiple times. You can publish material on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Pablo, a free image-creation tool, is provided by Buffer. So, you can easily create and schedule photos for social media postings. Furthermore, it offers scheduling options like repeated posting of the same piece of material. But, Buffer does not provide a monitoring tool for mentions.

You can use Buffer’s free social media scheduling tools for 30 days, during which you can schedule 10 posts for each channel. If you want, starting plans with more profiles, scope, and features are available too.

Google Analytics

You must constantly reevaluate your strategy if you want to succeed on social media. But for that, you should employ analytics to optimize your marketing campaign and improve results.

Google Analytics is one of the best free SMM tools. You can see stats like where traffic comes from, how much of it comes from social media, which channels perform best, and how many social media users and followers have turned into customers. Shopivana’s eCommerce website builder comes integrated with Google Analytics.

Look at statistics like the time spent on the page and the bounce rate. Discover which blog entries are working the best, and then either increase traffic to those through your social media platforms or promote the best-performing ones.

Facebook Audience Insights

Before spending money on a social media manager, you should identify your target market if you plan to use Facebook’s paid advertisements. With Facebook Audience Insights, you can view the number of people who have seen your post, the total number of page likes, and overall engagement metrics like post clicks, likes, comments, and shares.

You can also monitor your weekly progress, page views, engagement with your videos, and other metrics. You only need to add your competitors to Facebook Insights to keep tabs on what they are up to.

Some More Social Media Management Tools Are here

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is an easy-to-use social media management software that lets you schedule posts across your social network profiles. It is a helpful social media management platform for your business when trying to manage Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media platforms at once.

It also serves as a potent tool for data analysis. Therefore, you can sort by various demographic and geographic factors to pinpoint which content engages particular followers. Sprout Social can manage many accounts and track keywords across all social media channels to know when your business is being discussed.

The 30-day trial for Sprout Social offers you free social media scheduling tools. Starter plans provide coverage for up to five different social media accounts, and more profiles, features, and scope are available with other options.


You can visually organize your Instagram feed using the smartphone social media management software Preview. You can upload as many videos and photos into the app to preview your feed before you publish. It is advantageous if you want to make an Instagram feed based on a pattern, rainbow hues, or some other aesthetic.

You can upload images, videos, and carousels to Preview to see how they would appear live on Instagram. In addition, it offers great social media scheduling tools. You can also plan reels and stories along with your standard Instagram feed.

Zoho Social

With its comprehensive social media management platform, Zoho Social makes it easy to manage your brand on social media. Furthermore, it offers a version that enables white labeling and brand and communications management for client lists.

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There is a publishing calendar tool to check which posts have been planned for posting and manage numerous social media platforms. You can monitor your target keywords across conversations from a single dashboard and enable team collaboration.

You can start using Zoho Social’s free SMM tools for 15 days. During your trial time, you can choose from various options on Zoho Social while you’re on the go to see which one best matches your business.

Leverage the Power of Social Media Management Tools

Utilize all social media management software and resources mentioned above for tracking, increasing reach, content curation, and general social media scheduling. Most resources listed are the best free SMM tools or provide free trials, allowing you to test all of them and select the one that best meets your needs.

The industry is changing at a breakneck rate, and you’ll need to expand your reach to remain a viable competitor. One method to do this is through social media management tools.