How to Start a Candle Making Business Online?

Do you want to start a candle making business online? The endeavor is a good one. Candles have evolved into essential decorative items. Its market is expected to reach USD 10,656.05 million by 2028 and increase at a CAGR of 5.26% from 2021 to 2028.

Building an eCommerce website for your candle business might not sound easy. But it will act as a virtual home for your business and is ultimately more rewarding.

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If you’ve been considering starting a candle making business online, utilize this guide as a road map for the initial steps.

6-Step Guide to Start A Candle Making Business Online

When you start your candle making business online, you can run around the clock and are not constrained by a specific location. Since you can even start a candle making business online at home, you’ll spend less money on physical expenses like rent, property tax, and electricity. Here is a 6-step guide for you to start candle business:

Research Your Target Market

The demographic of customers who are most likely to purchase your goods is known as your target market. They are the customers you picture visiting your online store or social media to browse products and make purchases.

Consider their age, location, interests, and the likely price they would pay for a candle as a preliminary step. Instead of trying to please every prospective customer, knowing your target market enables you to tailor your candle business plan, branding, marketing, and pricing to that particular demographic.

You should stand out in the saturated candle market. So, your candle business ideas could be to:

  • choose more premium scents that customers can’t get anywhere else
  • create a brand story that is honest, real, and compelling
  • give your candles endearing, funny, or witty names
  • support a worthy cause
  • pay great attention to the appearance of your products and design them with your target market in mind

People praise supporting locally owned businesses and purchasing high-quality handcrafted goods. Some of the most popular home décor products on the market and well-liked presents are candles with distinctive branding.

Create a Brand Name and Identity

The visual components of your brand, such as your logo, color scheme, design aesthetic, and company name, are referred to as brand identity. You’ll need a business name to create your brand identity.

When coming up with names, remember your brand’s distinctive qualities, interests, and experience your candles will provide customers. Keep your suggestions for candle company names short and precise. That will make it recognizable and straightforward for customers to recall. Otherwise, you’ll lose out on free word-of-mouth advertising.

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Once you’ve chosen something memorable and catchy, make sure the domain name for your e-commerce website is still available and conduct a trademark search.

Set a Business Plan and Budget

Regardless of the size of your company, developing a candle making business plan is crucial. It supports your ability to plan for the future, provide the groundwork for your brand, and create a framework.

Think about the end goal for your brand and direct competitors. Then, consider where you want to sell your candles – through just an eCommerce store or retail outlets too. This way,

as you develop your candle-making brand, decide on your business objectives and keep them in mind.

Creating a budget can make or break your business, as making candles typically takes some upfront cost before you have a product to offer. Therefore, make a budget for at least the first two months of your business. Calculate the expenses for the setup of your online store, equipment, overhead, and supplies.

Develop an Initial Product Line and Prices

The real meat and potatoes of how to launch a candle business will be covered next. Making candles for your business has many benefits, not the least of which is the variety—any potential consumer is sure to find a candle they like.

Start with a modest and limited product line. Consider the most popular candles in your target market. Next, figure out how much it costs to make each item (in materials and time) and what fair pricing could be. Based on your time and work, set a price for your candles.

Simple supplies, tools, and a workspace are all you need to get started. You don’t need a lot of room or equipment. Find your suppliers, choose the types of candles you want to produce and sell, and consider factors like inventory control, raw material requirements, etc.

Build Your Online Store

Shopivana is the most accessible place to start candle business when creating an online store. Without extensive resources or coding knowledge, you may create an online store with its hassle-free eCommerce website builder. Furthermore, it includes everything you need to set up your online store and track orders.

Select a pre-built theme template, tweak it to reflect your brand, then bulk upload your products to finish. You don’t need to pay high costs for additional plugins. Shopivana has a variety of built-in solid analytics and marketing capabilities. Moreover, thanks to its eCommerce dashboard, you can manage all parts of your business from a single location.

Not only that, you can use Shopivana’s free website builder for 30 days to test out your candle making business idea.

Create a Marketing Strategy

There are various methods to promote your candle-making company. Your target market and product line will determine the ideal strategy for your candle business ideas. You may, for instance, advertise your company on the platforms where your target customers are most active.

Alternately, create a feed of beautiful pictures associated with your brand, stage pictures of your candles to display to customers, and expand your following. You can also get in touch with brand promoters and give them an inside look at how you create your candles.

Shopivana offers discount coupons for your customers. So, you can use some as prizes in giveaways and contests on social media. Moreover, you can use Shopivana’s custom email templates to deliver your message, discounts, and other brand news to your customers’ inboxes.

Track breakout patterns and identify customer pain points using tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Meta Pixel. You may utilize this knowledge to develop new marketing suggestions for your candle business plan to advance your brand.

Kickstart Your Candle Making Business

Start a candle making business online is the first step. Spend some time becoming familiar with your online store. Your candle making business plan and goals will probably evolve with time, especially in the first few months.

You now have a solid understanding of how to launch your candle making business at home. Using the resources and information mentioned above, you can proceed to start your own thriving business making and selling handcrafted candles.