Ecwid vs. Shopivana: Everything You Need To Know 

Making an online store is now easier than ever. Without any experience or training in coding or website building, merchants can now create an online store with just a few clicks with the help of a website builder. And the two most popular ones are Shopivana and Ecwid. However, the services these two website builders provide may vary. 

So, what’s the distinction between these two services? Do these two platforms offer Free Website Builders? Fret no more if you are worried about these questions.

In this article, we’ll briefly describe Ecwid and Shopivana and also discuss the pros and cons of Ecwid and Shopivana to help you determine which is best for your new e-commerce operations.

Why Is A Good Website Builder Important?

There are several reasons why you should consider a website builder. The reasons are mentioned below:-

No Technical Knowledge Required

The foremost benefit of a website builder is that you don’t require programming or technical skill to establish your roots in the internet world. These website builders use drag-and-drop technology with a friendly user interface. Moreover, using the platform, you can quickly add text, upload pictures, or move different elements. 


Secondly, these website builders are cost-effective. Finding a good website developer can be a daunting task. Moreover, website builders are the best options if you are left with if you are tight on budget and time. Hiring a professional will surely cost you thousands of money. The cherry on top is that you can find several website builders offering services for free. These services can help you to initiate your online business in the marketplace. Thus, a website builder the perfect to fit into a tight timeline and budget than bringing an expert.

No Website Maintenance Required

Another impressive benefit is that it requires zero maintenance. With a growing business, your website also needs to evolve. It can add more products to your website, including more pages or both. The website builder platform is self-sufficient to keep your site operational and protect it from malware or technical issues. 

Now, let’s learn about both popular platforms!!

Ecwid: An Overview

Ecwid is a cloud-based framework for developing and managing online stores. Over one million sellers use this platform in over 140 countries since it provides one of the simplest ways to integrate a website, marketplace, social media platforms, and online shop in one interface. 

You can use a free personalized Ecwid Instant site with an integrated online store. Or, you can connect Ecwid with any current website and other platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, or Amazon, all while controlling both online and in-person sales in one central spot – your Ecwid admin panel. The best part is that it only takes a few minutes to start! You will simply need an email address to sign up.

Shopivana: An Overview

Shopivana is one of the best eCommerce website builders on the Indian market today. It has you covered, no matter how big or tiny your company is. 

Shopivana includes 150+ complex and professional functionalities for quickly launching your online store. It will aid your company’s online growth and brand worth in this ever-changing digital age Shopivana is intended to be straightforward. It only takes a few minutes to set up and is free to try for startups, entrepreneurs, Small, Medium, and Enterprises. 

Ecwid vs. Shopivana: Major Differences

While all website builders have some standard functionalities, there is also some significant difference. Here are the major points for Ecwid vs. Shopivana. 

Ease Of Use

Ecwid has several stages through which you can create your shop, having fewer issues, whereas Shopivana is easily accessible and highly adaptable. It establishes the shop quickly since it is the best e-commerce website builder. 

Since 40% of online transactions are done on mobiles, shopivana provides a responsive web design. It will look great if you open your website on a smartphone, desktop, or tab. 

Product Uploads

The Ecwid free plan limits you to upload only 10 products. However, with shopivana, you can upload up to 25 products in the free plan. 

Themes And Design Customization

Ecwid feeds almost 80 design themes for its standalone Instant Site store. However, Shopivana has pre-build theme templates, product cards, and custom theme designs to cater to all domains.

Product Presentation And Features

Ecwid contains rigid product presentation options as compared to Shopivana. However, Shopivana had relatively moderate product presentation options.

Shipping And Carrier Integration

Ecwid, real-time shipping rates are available by default to all store owners, whereas Shopivana has very minimum shipping cost settings and carrier integration. Besides, Shopivana offers shipping through reputed third parties such as ShipRocket, Delhivery, ShipDelight, etc.

Tax Settings

Both Shopivana and Ecwid have made tax setup as straightforward as possible.

Plugins And Domain 

By default, all Ecwid users receive a free domain or URL in the form of, where 12345 is your store’s ID is the Ecwid domain. 

Shopivana is a plugin-free system, making it more dependable and geared for speed and scalability. Furthermore, further plugin costs are eliminated. Additionally, Shopivana also provides a domain in their eCommerce managed plan. 

Apps And Extra Functionality

Ecwid has half of the apps and extra functionality compared to Shopivana, which offers various functions and services via application and website and proposes customized functionalities. 


Ecwid pays plans to start from $15/month, whereas Shopivana starts from ₹7,000/ year, which is much more affordable. 


Ecwid offers email, live, and phone support. However, the Ecwid reviews suggest that the level of customer support you get is not up to the market standards. On the other hand, Shopivana offers top-notch support with call requests, email, live chat, and even mobile messaging support. 


Now that you have gone through the points that help compare Ecwid vs. Shopivana, you can decide what to choose now. The best website builder is determined by considering various attributes such as paid or free website builder, usability support, etc. 

Indian small business owners and entrepreneurs usually prefer Shopivana owing to its easy interface and other benefits. Besides, the 0% commission with a 100% money-back guarantee attracts business owners to try and test before committing in the long term. Also, users of Ecqid have also experienced website malfunctions a lot of times which gives Shopivana an upper hand. 

Therefore, if you are someone wanting to start your eCommerce business, leverage an e-commerce website builder like Shopivana to kickstart a fantastic e-commerce business within your budget!! 

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