How to Boost Ecommerce Growth with SMS Marketing?

Digital marketing has been influencing today’s market with a high rate of increasing customers. And among various strategies, SMS marketing is one of the best methods for promoting your company. As SMS messages are common and one of the oldest means of digital communication, they are used by many companies for marketing purposes.

In this article, you will learn about SMS marketing and why many companies still use this method to reach out to customers rather than other modern strategies. Further, you will get an overview of how to boost your business growth using this efficient type of digital marketing.

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is a digital marketing strategy in which the company sends promotional materials via SMS text message to potential customers. SMS marketing helps a company promote its goods and services with an affordable means of text messaging. Although it is arguably the most efficient digital marketing strategy, it is considered the most underrated today.

Let’s discuss some tips to make your SMS marketing more efficient.

7 SMS Marketing Tips To Boost Your Ecommerce Revenue

Boosting your e-commerce revenue is one of the main objectives of digital marketing. So here are the best Ecommerce marketing tips that will help you boost your revenue exponentially.

1- Personalize The Messages

Sending your customers a personalized message goes a long way toward a good SMS marketing strategy. It would be best if you make the SMS as personalized as possible for your customers. You can also add their name at the start to keep them engaged in reading ahead and provide offers according to their interests.

2- Create A Sense Of Exclusivity

You need more than just sending a promotional SMS to all the customers if you want to encourage them to purchase from your company. You can offer them exclusive deals on items they seem interested in. Or, give offers for a particular type of customer, a particular type of deal, to make them feel that they are getting an exclusive offer. For example, you can send a unique message like, “Amazing offer on your favorite mobile just for you. Choose yours and don’t miss out! “.

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3- Start With Your Offer

As the length of text messages is short, and they don’t contain any heading, you can start with the offer you have to present. Offers and discounts on products attract customers more than anything, and customers look forward to receiving offers from the companies they often purchase from. For example, you can begin with a statement, “Super deals on laptops and tablets are here just for you. Grab one right now! “.

4- Use ‘Call to Actions’

A Call to Action (CTA) prompt in the SMS encourages the user to take immediate action toward making a purchase. A CTA should be included in all your promotional SMS marketing strategies. A CTA provokes customers to take immediate action to purchase or book your services. For example, you can add a Call to Action like, “Grab these fantastic deals right now and buy some unique products. ”

5- Create A Sense Of Urgency

Creating a sense of urgency is a technique wholly based on the psychology of the recipient customer. When customers feel a sense of urgency, they are most likely to take immediate action and are more likely to purchase items they are interested in. For example, you can add a line such as, “Hurry before this gets out of stock. You don’t want to miss out on this big sale”.

6- Get The Right Frequency

Sending SMS messages daily to customers might have the opposite effect on them. You want to encourage them to look into your products and services by reaching out via promotional text messages. But daily messages might irritate them, and the outcome will be that they will not purchase from your company. It is advised to keep the frequency of your text messages just enough for the customers to notice you. So sending out SMS once or twice a week should be enough.

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7- Make Use Of The User Data For Improvement

Use user feedback and look into the customer’s product preferences for better promotions of your company. For old and loyal customers, you should give offers on items they might purchase according to their previous purchases. You should analyze each customer’s data to know which kind of messages to send them, which will, in turn, motivate them to revisit your store. For example, if a customer often purchases home appliances, send them texts about the new deals and offers you provide on the latest high-tech home applications on your e-commerce website.

Top 3 Best Practices For SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing should be done with a proper strategy to get the best results. So here are the top 3 best practices you should implement while doing SMS marketing for your company.

SMS marketing #1 – Add Value To Your Customers

Customers or people interested in your services should be the priority if you want to increase your sales. Thus, it is advised to develop strategies that add some value to your customers by providing them with a particular discount or an early discount. You can send an SMS  to them, giving them a time-sensitive deal that they will likely react to. For all these tactics to work out perfectly, you should consider enhancing your eCommerce website with the help of one of the best website builder companies, Shopivana. This eCommerce website will help you create more valuable and efficient text messages for SMS marketing.

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SMS marketing #2 – Keep It Short, Concise, And To The Point

The message you send to the customers should be concise and to the point and indicate what you want to convey. If you are presenting the customer with an offer, the text should be directed toward explaining the offer. You should also see that you don’t send out a series of unwanted messages to communicate the same thing. You are advised to stick to fewer words with an appropriate Call to Action and a to-the-point message.

SMS marketing #3- Personalize Your SMS Marketing Campaigns

While doing the SMS marketing campaign for your company, you should make sure that every customer feels that they are valued. So for that, you can create a personalized experience for every customer. You can ease your work by creating a sectioned list containing a list of customers who are interested in the same kind of products and services. It would help if you tried to include the customer’s name in the text message whenever possible. Finding the particular interest of the customer and targeting them with various offers and discounts about the same product can persuade them to make another purchase.


So this is all you need to know about SMS marketing and how it can help you build a good image of your company in the market. Using SMS marketing to boost your E-commerce growth will help you attract more customers quickly and expand your reach among other potential customers.