How to Create Your Own Shopivana Store in Less than 30 Minutes?

Do you want to open your online store? There has never been a better time than now to launch an online business. But we also understand that, particularly if you’re not tech-savvy, utilizing a website builder to set up an online business can sound daunting.

However, anyone with a computer can get started quickly without needing specialized knowledge with an easy-to-use eCommerce website builder like Shopivana. 

This post spells out the 10 key steps you need to take to build your online store on Shopivana. 

Let’s get started!

Steps to Start Your Own Shopivana Store

With Shopivana, you can create your online store in under 30 minutes. Besides making store creation quick, Shopivana also makes it simple to sell your products online. We’ll lead you through the setup procedure step by step. Read on.

1. Start a Free Trial

The first thing you have to do is to start Shopivana’s free trial. You have 30 days to test the website builder during the free trial. This way, the free website builder will allow you more than enough time to launch your business. 

To begin your trial, you don’t need to submit any credit card information. Nevertheless, you will be asked a few questions, such as your store’s name and domain name. Anytime you like, you can purchase a unique domain for your store. Your customers will see this as your website address.

2. Choose a Theme

You can choose from many pre-built themes at the Shopivana theme store. Choose a template from among hundreds that suit your preferences and business. 

You can sort various templates according to your industry. Don’t let fonts and colors influence your theme choice too much, as the best website builder allows you to modify them after installing a theme. 

3. Add Products

Add your products after selecting your preferred theme. Be aware that your product selection will significantly affect your store’s appearance. Shopivana can therefore alter the design to suit your preferences for personal style and business needs.

Through the Shopivana dashboard, you can bulk upload your products. Remember that you can add up to 25 products using the free website builder. You’ll need to buy the premium version to add more products.

The next step is to include the essential details about your product, such as the title, description, media, cost, and so forth. Consider the following points while adding each product title, media, and description. 

  • Your product’s title needs to be short, accurate, appealing, and straightforward.
  • Consider the buyer persona and the product’s unique selling proposition while writing easy product descriptions.
  • Make sure the product media is as high-quality as possible.

When it comes to pricing your products, it can be tricky. But the best part is that an eCommerce website builder leaves plenty of room for experimentation. You can always test the market with one pricing and then modify it in the future based on the outcomes.

4. Create Your Store Pages and Navigation Menus

Generally, you’ll need to build an About us page, FAQs page, contact page, and blog. All of these pages, except for the blog, can be made in the same way.

It’s preferable only to make one blog post, such as a “welcome to our new business” piece or anything similar. You may always add more content to your blog as your store grows.

It’s now time to make your navigation menus. There is an option to edit a “main menu” and a “footer menu” when adding navigation to a Shopivana store.

The “primary menu” is presently the most important of these. You will be given the option to add the pages/collections when you click on that link. When finished, simply save the menu.

5. Create Your Homepage

It’s time to make your store’s homepage once you’ve chosen your Shopivana theme. Use Shopivana’s drag-and-drop homepage editor to do this. It is one of the best website builder functionalities as it doesn’t need you to have technical knowledge.

Each Shopivana theme has a somewhat different default layout and set of options. Still, they often let you add sections with elements like hero images, featured collections, photos, and text.

Keep things straightforward and avoid confusing your visitors with information when deciding what to add to this page.

6. Set Up Your Shipping and Tax Rates

Now that your products, content, and design are in order, you can focus on operational aspects, including shipping costs and tax rates.

In your Shopivana dashboard, you can access your delivery preferences. You can set up several different delivery rate options there with ShipRocket, Shyplite, Nimbuspost, ShipDelight, and Delhivery. 

Moreover, you might have to add a tax to your store’s product purchases. Shopivana makes it easier for you to calculate taxes automatically. So, set your tax rates.

7. Choose a Payment Gateway for Your Store

You must select a payment gateway if you want to accept payments for your goods. This system handles debit and credit cards made in your store.

Shopivana is compatible with numerous payment gateways such as RazorPay, Paytm, Paypal, PayU, and many more. So, activate a payment gateway using your Shopivana dashboard and follow the instructions.

8. Connect Your Domain

Your domain name will be a unique branded name that identifies your online store’s website. For your online store, a custom domain is typically preferred. You can also link to your existing domain.

But when you purchase a domain through Shopivana, linking it to your store will be easier as all it takes is a few clicks in the Shopivana interface.

9. Promote Your Store 

Shopivana comes pre-integrated with beneficial sales and marketing tools, including Google Analytics, Shop Analytics, Facebook Meta Pixel, and so on.

While Google Analytics and Shop Analytics help you understand customer purchasing patterns, Facebook Meta Pixel enables you to monitor conversions from Facebook advertising, optimize campaigns, and remarket to website visitors.

Moreover, you can offer coupon codes and loyalty points to your customers on each purchase to retain them.

So, leverage these valuable sales and marketing tools to promote your online store.

10. Make Your Online Store Go Live

You might just open your store to the public once your domain is connected! That’s all, then! You’re prepared to begin selling now that your store is open.

Launch Your Online Store With Shopivana

Shopivana gives you everything you need to start accepting orders on the same day you sign up. Simply select a theme, add products, and start accepting payments immediately. You may add valuable features to your online store later.

You can do several things when your Shopivana store goes online to make sure that racing ahead, your brand-new store attracts new customers and makes money. But for now, this should be plenty to get your site up and running!

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