How to Increase eCommerce Traffic for Your Online Store

Finding strategies to increase ecommerce traffic to come to your online store and make purchases can be complex, especially if you’re just getting started. And when you’re up against well-known retailers, things only get more challenging.

Attracting high-potential website visitors is more important than ever as customers shop online more frequently than ever—39% of consumers report doing more online shopping this year.

In case you’re wondering how to increase eCommerce traffic for your site, we have you covered. Read on to know more!

Suggestions to Increase eCommerce Traffic

Website traffic can be increased through many sources. Follow the below nine suggestions to increase eCommerce traffic and high-potential website visitors:

Invest in Paid Search

Search engine sponsored listings, in which businesses pay to appear in search results, are an excellent way to boost visibility and attract high-quality visitors to your website. You can use website builders like Shopivana to track how your customers react to your paid ads. This will help you monitor your ad strategy and change if required.

Increase Traffic with Email Marketing

Sending emails to potential consumers may seem like a dated tactic for bringing traffic to an e-commerce website in the era of TikTok and Instagram Reels. However, with the global email marketing industry expected to reach 7.5 billion by 2020, email marketing remains a viable marketing strategy today. Sending emails to new or existing customers allows you to interact, connect, and communicate with them, and a successful one can entice them to take action.

Create Blog Posts or Articles

Publishing original content on your blog or business websites can help you become a thought leader. Customers will visit your website when it comes time to purchase because they will regard you as a reliable source of information. If your articles offer instruction and how-to counsel rather than a sales pitch, readers will view you as a reliable source of knowledge.

If you’re stuck for ideas, consider giving advice or best practices to help your readers resolve their most pressing issues. Once you’ve created this content, share and promote it via email and social media to generate more traffic.

Use High-Quality Images

The product cannot be touched or physically seen by potential customers, so they must be convinced to buy. In this case, images are used. A picture is worth a thousand words, and it can predict the success of your online store. Use large, clear photos to help potential buyers understand what they’re about to buy. You should also provide a detailed description of the goods to persuade them further. Mention the dimensions, composition, available colors, and other relevant information.

Encourage Giveaways and Contests

While the approaches previously mentioned are for a long-term solution, there is another method for instant traffic, lead generation, and conversions. Offering enticing rewards to your potential clients for participating in your competition or e-commerce giveaway campaign can make all of that possible. Analyze how people interact with your contest or e-commerce giveaway campaign and its development to monitor their involvement efficiently.

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Leverage Affiliate Marketing

Joining an affiliate program increases eCommerce traffic by utilizing the audiences of relevant companies. Affiliate marketing pays a commission on Traffic in exchange for customer endorsements and word-of-mouth advertising. Because of this, you can take a low-risk, hands-free approach.

Collaborating with companies your clients already trust can help promote your goods and services and increase traffic to online store. You could also work with well-known social media influencers in your target market.

Make Your Website SEO Friendly

You’re getting more out of your keyword research here. Optimize your e-commerce website for relevant keywords. You’re creating articles and Pinterest pins based on these keywords.

This entails using the appropriate keywords in your product descriptions, alt tags, and image descriptions. However, you will still need to address some technical SEO issues on your website.

If you’re getting ready to launch your eCommerce business and want to create a beautiful online store, Shopivana is an excellent option. You can create an SEO-friendly website through this platform and optimize it using the correct keywords.

Go for Public Relations(PR)

You can use several low-cost public relations strategies whether you work alone, with a small firm, or as a freelancer. A proposal to the editors of regional magazines and websites can result in tremendous exposure and bring traffic to eCommerce websites. Local media and websites are always looking for new topics to cover. Investigate the website or newspaper you’re pitching to present editors with a suggestion that will benefit their readership or community. This increases your chances of success.

For example, suppose your online store is collaborating with a nearby elementary school to deliver supplies to students taking lessons remotely. In that case, you can suggest a human interest angle for your business coverage.

Be Direct and Concise

Transparency brings traffic to eCommerce websites the most. If your product includes free shipping, make sure to mention it. If there are shipping costs, have them in the shopping cart information so your customers are aware. Giving your customers advanced notice will help them avoid confusion after they have evaluated the product on your e-commerce website. Remember to inform visitors about any items that are out of stock. They will find and choose you if you are straightforward and truthful about what you can provide.

Why Is it Important to Drive Traffic to Your eCommerce Store?

You may create an online store quickly and easily with an eCommerce website builder. A company’s website is essential because it allows it to develop its brand and attract new customers. Here are some benefits of ecommerce traffic for online sellers:

1. Increased E-Commerce Revenue

An online store’s more extensive customer base and more traffic allow you to increase sales. Higher traffic will enable you to expand your product’s visibility in response to customer demand or improve your marketing efforts to reach a wider audience. The possibilities are endless.

2. Ensure That Your Customers are Well-Served

Never underestimate the power that your customer service has over them. Remember that referrals from satisfied customers are the best form of advertising. As a result, ensure that your clients receive prompt and helpful service. Respond to your client’s questions and comments as soon as possible.

3. More Conversions

If you want to increase the quantity and quality of website visitors to your site, you must be able to attract your target audience and convert them into customers. Landing more traffic can help you increase the number of conversions.


Your website is a practical conversion generator. It directs your customers, creates a positive first impression, and manages your reputation. Having said that, a website is useless if it doesn’t have the relevant traffic.

We hope our blog answers your question: how you can increase traffic to online store? Leverage Shopivana, the best website builder, to mix a little advertising with social media, and you’ll have a website that sells!