How To Sell Online: 9 Steps To Opening Your Ecommerce Store


In 2022, eCommerce sales accounted for 21% of all retail sales globally, and this number is expected to rise to 24.5% by 2025. You may wish to create your own online business as eCommerce sales continue to climb. If you want to Sell online, this is the time! It has never been simpler, thanks to the availability of eCommerce website builders like Shopivana and other website-building tools.

However, selecting a platform is just the first step. In this article, we’ll go through online selling business stores step by step.

Let’s dive into how to set up your wholesale market online.

1- Select An Ecommerce Platform

An eCommerce platform allows you to create and launch an online store experience and sell and fulfill orders. Most people believe an eCommerce platform is similar to a website builder because you add new goods and receive payments online. They can do so much more, however.

Your eCommerce platform serves as your whole company’s command and control center, managing everything from inventory to marketing and providing you with the tools you need to sell online and give customer service.

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2- Select A Target Audience

The population on whom you focus your marketing efforts is known as the target audience. Knowing your intended audience is crucial when launching an online company. It makes it easy to locate new consumers and attract potential purchasers to your website, leading to improved conversion rates and more purchases.

Depending on the things you want to offer, you may create an audience of any size or composition.

3- Select Your Products

Finding the best products to sell online is one of the most challenging tasks entrepreneurs confront. Product ideas might be difficult to develop, but if you have a target customer in mind, you’re already one step ahead.

Fortunately, whether you’re producing, reselling, or drop shipping, there are many options for the best products to sell online. You can start with selling websites and other buy-and-sell online formats.

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To choose your items, use the following methods:

A. Solving Your Customer’s Pain Point

Solving a client’s pain issue is always an excellent method of creating a product that people desire. Tylenol wouldn’t be in business if it didn’t help with headaches. Meanwhile, abstract client pain concerns often correct bad or irritating experiences with the present product choices.

B. Appeal To Influencers

Customers are more likely to spend money to get the precise goods they want when they are enthusiastic about a particular profession or activity. When analyzing the future possibility of any product or series of goods, this willingness to pay might be an essential quality.

C. Follow Your Particular Passion

While choosing a specialty based on your hobbies has specific risks, it does not always spell disaster. Using your skills to create and promote a unique product may be pretty lucrative.

Starting a company is difficult; being enthusiastic about your product or service helps you maintain working hard and seeing it through.

4- Create Your Website

It’s time to put your stuff on display. Begin by taking advantage of Shopivana’s 30-day free trial.

Shopivana website builder provides several valuable tools that may help you get your online shop up and running, but the benefits are endless.

Shopivana is an excellent platform for those who want to create a website quickly and efficiently. It does not require extra plugins and is the most affordable way to create a website.

5- Integrate A Payment Gateway

We’re down to the wire! The next thing to do is to settle on a payment system for your shop and a method of receiving owner compensation.

A payment gateway facilitates online financial transactions between buyers and sellers, maintaining a healthy payment environment. To operate an online business, you don’t need to be an expert in payment gateways, but you should grasp how consumers’ purchases are transformed into cash.

Set up your payment gateway by going to Settings > Payments. 

Shopivana has made it simple to take all leading payment methods like Razorpay, Paypal, etc.

6- Determine Where And How You Want To Sell

When deciding how to sell products online most effectively, you have many possibilities. There are several prominent online marketplaces where you may set up a store as a vendor. You may even delegate your product delivered to them.

It is feasible to sell things online using social media marketing. Instagram and Facebook, for example, now offer dedicated store tools for companies.

7- Create Your Brand Story

This will not happen by itself.

Building your brand is a critical stage in launching an online business. It will take some time to get correct, but it is one of the most crucial things.

The following are the fundamentals you’ll need to grasp for the success of your online store:

  • Ensure To Share Your Story

People connect with stories, so create an About Us page on your website to engage clients with your business.

  • Demonstrating Your Uniqueness

Make your value proposition the focus of your home page. Customers must comprehend what makes your store unique.

  • Having An Aesthetically Attractive Appearance

Your colors, font, and photos are all important. Make your store stand out.

8- Be Prepared For Anything

In other words, you are nearly ready to begin searching for products to sell online.

There is something more you need to consider.

Prepare yourself and your business for the road ahead. It may seem that nothing could go wrong with all of your planning and procedures in place.

And we certainly hope it doesn’t. But what if you haven’t planned for the worst-case situation, which occurs one day?

Being prepared is about more than simply avoiding calamity. Use these suggestions as a last sanity check before going live.

9- Make Space For Expansion

You probably want your business to remain open long after spending the effort to learn how to sell products online. Growth is also necessary for a company to succeed.

If you’re planning for your online store’s future, you have far more flexibility to maneuver than only in terms of human resources. You need not consult a crystal ball to do this. Instead, strategize a detailed expansion plan.

Bottom Line

Nowadays, you can sell almost anything online, including handcrafted things, courses, graphic design services, custom-printed t-shirts and other clothing businesses, home-baked goods, and more. All you need to create a website from a builder like Shopivana. As you can see, starting an online selling business is straightforward if you follow the procedures outlined above. It has a modest initial investment and may help you establish your own company quickly.