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Have you ever thought of starting your online business? Are you one of those enthusiasts looking forward to a fantastic opportunity to present your entrepreneurial identity to the world?

Whoever you may be, if you are looking forward to starting and marketing for a small business, now is the correct time! And the shoe market is in great demand today. Who doesn’t wear shoes, after all? It’s an essential commodity needed by every person around you.

And so, in case you are thinking of a specific but profitable business to start, you can always choose to sell shoes online! This article will guide you about the best way to sell shoes online and the websites to sell shoes. It will talk about easy chronological steps you can take for your startup!

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Step-By-Step Guide To Sell Shoes Online

Starting a business can be tricky and requires a lot of planning and decisions over many significant things. One usually gets confused and finds themselves in a challenging situation with no exit.

However, you needn’t worry; the article will resolve all your doubts. You needn’t go through all this confusion and suffering and can easily open your establishment with the convenient procedure of starting a business. So, let’s talk about how you can begin to sell shoes online step-by-step to become a successful entrepreneur without further ado!

1. Research

One of the most important tasks while starting any business is ‘Research.’ Until and unless you are aware of your product and audience, how can you fulfill their demand?

Remember that customer satisfaction needs to be your priority. Your business will be successful only if you take care of your customers. But what will you sell? Who is your customer?

There are many websites to sell shoes, and you must have seen much focus on a niche.

As there are wide varieties of shoes you can deal in – Sports Shoes, Classic Shoes, Shoes for children, etc., you have to research and find out what shoes are in demand. Focus on that particular niche and its sale. Decide the target audience.

Research thoroughly the target customers’ preferences and the target market. It can be helpful to create a buyer persona that outlines the buyer demographics, background, buying capacity, and more to have a deep understanding of their choices and future behavior.

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2. Decide The Source

Once you have decided on a niche, you need to determine a source from where you will supply shoes. Keep the shoes’ quality high if you aim to become the best site to sell shoes.

There are various ways through which you can get your supplies. If you want to sell second-hand shoes, you can collect extra pairs from your family, friends, and people you know and sell them on your website after ensuring they are clean and damage-free.

However, if you consider selling new shoes online, you can always reach out to wholesalers. Many directory sites will assist you in searching for local wholesalers effortlessly.

You can also opt for dropshipping suppliers, where you do not have to store inventory or purchase anything in advance. If a customer buys something from your store, the order will be directly relayed to the supplier, who will pack and send it. You are only a profit receiver in the middle. However, this method doesn’t give you the freedom to determine the product’s quality.

3. Choose The Best Place To Sell Shoes Online

After deciding on all the above-said requirements, it’s time to know the best place to sell shoes online. There are several ways to do it.

A. A Website To Sell Shoes Online

You can open your online store and become the best website to sell shoes. Under this option, you control your business freely and determine its operations.

You will find many website builders that help businesses like yours to open their online stores. One of the most prominent is Shopivana. It will not only provide you with the best way to sell shoes online but will design a mobile-friendly and responsive website, SEO friendly, has secure hosting, and charges no commission.

B. Social Media Platforms

Another way to sell shoes online is through social media management tools. Create your business account on social platforms to help you market and sell conveniently. But your sale will remain limited to your chosen social media platform.

C. Other Marketplaces

If you are looking for a more professional way to sell shoes online, you can sell them through online marketplaces such as Amazon. However, such places would charge some extra fees for the same.

4. Show Your Product

After choosing a place, know that you must show your product to your audience. Thus, click photos of every product at different angles to show the quality accurately. Ensure the images are high quality since they will directly impact your buyer’s decision to buy.


5. Pricing

Remember that fair prices attract customers to become the best website to sell shoes. Refrain from charging a very high or meager price. You need to make enough profit for the growth of your business, but you also need to maintain your demand intact.

That is why keep a fair price while balancing your profit margin rather than repelling customers.

6. Warehousing

Decide on where your products will be kept. You can make a warehouse of an empty room in your house. Keep your products in a place where they will be safe from any physical damage.

You can also organize the shoes according to their sizes and brands for easy searching.

7. Establish Your Online Presence

Once you’ve planned everything, it’s time to give life to your online store. Start uploading on your website and social media handles. Interact with your audience through live sessions and polling, and get to know them better.

You can also write helpful blogs on your website and share some informational content.

8. Plan Packaging And Shipping

Once you have established your online store, you must decide on your product’s packaging and shipment details. It would be best if you opt for a safe delivery service by partnering with them. In addition, provide tracking details for a better customer experience.

9. Market Your Business

Your audience won’t know you exist until you tell them. This is where marketing strategies come into the picture. Advertise your business presence and promote your business effectively on the internet through – websites for shopping, social platforms, search engines, directories, etc.


Be the best site to sell shoes quickly with the help of the steps mentioned above. Remember that your startup should fulfill the most vital objective of running a business, i.e., Customer Satisfaction. And if you can make your customers happy, you’ll achieve innumerable successes.