A Complete Guide: How To Start A Content Writing Business

Do you want to achieve financial independence without investing heavily? If your answer is YES, you can try your hands on a content writing business.

Corporate content writing is a hot trend right now. About 79% of companies use content and social media marketing to generate quality leads. And with remote working becoming the new norm, there is no better time to start a content writing agency.

That said, it also means that the industry is becoming more competitive and that starting a new company website is challenging. For this reason, success depends on your ability to properly build up your freelance writing business, draw in lucrative clients, and outbid established agencies.

Before diving into the steps, let’s explore the benefits of starting a content-writing business.

Advantages Of Providing Content Writing Services

There is no doubt that businesses and brands invest more in content marketing. Besides, there is a great demand for content writers from India. Here are some more benefits of starting a content-writing business:

Remote Business: The first benefit includes working from home. You can set up your business from home and do not need any hefty investment to start or scale this business.

Independence: You can set your rates and choose your clients. Additionally, as your business grows, you may be able to hire other writers to help with the workload.

Profits: The content writing business has the potential to be quite profitable. You can charge more for your content writing services if you draw people and give them high-quality content. Furthermore, when your company expands, you might be able to raise your fees and add other services like copywriting or ghostwriting.

Steps To Start Your Content Writing Business

If you’re considering starting a content writing business, you should keep a few things in mind. Follow our 7-step guide to jumpstart your business writing articles.

Step 1: Develop A Business Plan

The first step in starting any business is developing a plan. You must manage your cash flow effectively and ensure that your earnings exceed your liabilities. You will incur costs if you hire writers full-time. These ought to be smaller than your earnings from contracts for content creation.

A business strategy typically comprises the following:

  • Your objectives during the initial few months.
  • Ways to increase the number of clients.
  • How to assign content work and manage money flow.
  • Financial targets.

Having a clear plan from the beginning is essential for your ability to market your corporate content writing business. You must be aware of your writing niche, the people your business serves, your value proposition, your financial limitations, and the day-to-day operations of your company.

Step 2: Create A Website

The technical aspects of starting a content writing business involve setting up your website and social media accounts. Your website is your online home where potential clients can learn more about you and your content writing services.

You can set up your website using prebuilt themes and templates with the aid of web hosting companies and website builders. If you work with a website builder like Shopivana, you may have your company website ready to launch in as little as a day. Apart from helping you create a website quickly, the website builder gives you access to many built-in marketing tools to promote your content writing services.

Step 3: Add A Portfolio

You need a solid portfolio if you want to draw in customers. These are some of the best writing samples you’ve produced for clients in the past. If your company is fresh, you can create content solely to demonstrate to customers what they can anticipate from your content writing firm.

Before giving you a project or gig, a customer will logically want to confirm that you can handle it. Many times, a large sum of money is at stake, and clients wish for guaranteed results. Make sure to include various writing styles in your portfolio so clients can see the domains you have worked in.

Step 4: Niche Down On The Type Of Writing

You can narrow your focus to a specific niche once you’ve decided on the subjects and sectors you’ll cover. You may choose to concentrate your efforts on creating blog entries, whitepapers, website copy, or email marketing copy. The writing you select will determine the price you will charge.

You can work on several niches as a content writing company because you will have a team of writers. Each writer may specialize in one or more genres.

For instance, there is a great demand for technical writers. But only experts with previous work experience in those areas can write technically. This also applies to writing about technical solutions.

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Step 5: Hire Writers

You must hire content writers before you can receive writing contracts. This is because the hiring procedure takes a while. You must post an advertisement on the appropriate job boards. LinkedIn, naukri.com, and other sites with a similar focus are a few of them.

You will have to wait till there are enough applicants. Then you will need to interview each separately to see if their portfolio aligns with your company’s goals.

It takes a few days to complete the hiring procedure. However, your client might not want to wait if you decide to recruit authors after receiving a writing job. You can also lose the account.

Step 6: Market Your Agency

The next stage is marketing your business once everything is set up. You will have to work particularly hard to stand out to clients, given that your agency is new. There are numerous ways to accomplish this, but some of the most successful ones include social media, guest blogging, and SEO.

These strategies enable you to communicate with many potential customers and let them know you are available to assist with their content needs. Marketing your content writing business becomes way more manageable when you use Shopivana.

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Step 7: Find Clients

It’s time to approach potential clients after your website is ready and you have authors available for hire. As a result of the industry’s intense competition, finding clients when you start can be difficult. Additionally, when your company is new, it may be challenging for clients to engage with you.

You can look for clients on Fiverr, Upwork, and other freelancing websites. Once you have customers, word-of-mouth brings you referrals and new business. In the interim, you should try to get clients wherever you can.

Wrapping Up

Although there is a demand for content writers, the industry is competitive, and there are many experts in the running.

Be ready for a lot of hard work because you’ll have to wear many different hats and be hands-on in the beginning. However, if you follow our step-by-step guide, the benefits will be well worth the effort.