Increase Audience Engagement with These Ecommerce Tips

The eCommerce experience has evolved tremendously now that worldwide customers may buy practically anything they want on whatever device they choose. As customers depend more on online buying, their expectations for improved CX grow, which is why eCommerce customer engagement is so important today. So, here we will share eCommerce tips for 2023 to boost your business.

In a world with many options, the standard of quality should be measured in terms of customer pleasure. Customer engagement, on the other hand, is often the outcome of customer happiness. In fact, customer experience is crucial to 73% of all individuals when making purchase choices.

Whether you’ve recently started an eCommerce store or have been operating one for years, you may need to examine the quality of your client interaction techniques and eCommerce improvement. 

Continue reading our guide on eCommerce tips for 2023.

What Exactly Is Customer Engagement in E-Commerce?

The emotional connection between a customer and a brand is known as eCommerce customer engagement. Customers that are highly engaged purchase more, promote more, and are more loyal. 

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Providing an exceptional experience is an essential part of your eCommerce customer engagement strategy. A customer who is totally engaged produces more revenue than the norm. If your eCommerce business lacks a sound customer engagement strategy, you may be passing up chances to communicate with customers and create great relationships.

What Is the Importance of Customer Engagement in E-Commerce?

This notion is especially true for e-commerce stores, which lack a means for having human relationships with their clients. Furthermore, as previously said, with increased competition, pricing and product quality are secondary differentiators for your company.

To stand out in the market, you must have a well-planned customer interaction strategy that keeps customers coming back for more. Numerous studies have shown a link between client engagement and increased sales. 

According to a PwC analysis, improving their customer interaction approach may result in real advantages in the form of higher expenditure for e-commerce enterprises. Better engagement results in a more customized experience, which influences customers’ spontaneous purchases.

7 eCommerce Tips For 2023

1. Get Ready for Some Competition

Want to sell clothing, gadgets, paint, books, or another form of professional services? Prepare yourself, since no matter what you sell, you will face competition. The greatest method to distinguish yourself from the competition is to consider your specialization wisely. 

Is it geographical in nature, dependent on where you live? How will you cater to or communicate with your target market?

Once you’ve determined what distinguishes your company and sets it apart from the competition, you can create a business plan with specific milestones to help you achieve your objectives.

2. Create an Exceptional User Experience

For better or worse, the user experience of your eCommerce website may have a significant impact on client engagement. Visitors are unconsciously analyzing everything, including your UI design, colors, pictures, and product descriptions, from the time they first interact with your brand. 

As a result, everything on your website must be clear, friendly, and simple to use. And, of course, mobile commerce is increasing, so ensure sure your site loads and performs properly on mobile devices as well.

3. Don’t Neglect Your Website

Although goldfish are known for having short attention spans, humans have much shorter attention spans. It takes less than a half-second for an internet user to form an opinion about a company based on its website. 

Put forth the effort to make your website clean, useful, and appealing, even if you want it to be more beautiful or have more functionality than your resources allow. You may use Shopivana to your benefit right now. Incorporating these functionalities into your website’s user interface is a breeze. It does not have to be flashy, but it must be simple for a user to browse so that they may make their purchase.

4. Create an eCommerce Funnel

An eCommerce funnel depicts the many phases of a client’s journey on your website—how a customer moves from point A to point B or contacts your site to make a purchase. It is one of the best and easy eCommerce tips

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A typical funnel looks like this: a customer hits your website, signs up for your newsletter to get a discount, visits the website, builds a cart, and then abandons their basket. If they leave their basket, you give them an automated alert, they make an order, you email them that their purchase has been received and dispatched, and lastly, you send them a survey on their experience.

5. Provide a Loyalty Program

Customers that participate in a company’s loyalty program have been found to spend up to 67% more. To promote bigger order volumes or repeat purchases, eCommerce store owners may use these programs to provide various incentives such as gift cards, discount coupons, cash back, or free delivery. It’s another approach to keep people interested in your brand. You may use it to promote reviews and referrals, utilize the landing page builder to distribute program information, and more.

6. Increase Ad Spend Organically 

Ad spend is the amount of money you spend on digital advertising each month. That advertising may take various forms, but the most popular ones for eCommerce stores are campaigns across social media networks. You can take advantage of Shopivana’s Facebook pixel. It enables you to access the required analytics through your Facebook ads. Useful for re-targeting customers.

The benefit of advertisements is that they may attract the attention of a wide range of clients that you would not otherwise be able to contact. However, just because you invest in advertisements does not guarantee that you will always obtain a return on your investment. 

Concentrate on increasing your ad spend organically by putting more money in them over time. That way, you can see what works and what doesn’t.

7. Plan Product Drops

Build drops into your social media schedule if you know new goods arrive midweek and you generally publish them on your website on Saturdays. For the 24 to 48 hours preceding the drop or special release, write a blog article, make video material, or focus this on your social media channels. 

Keep your drops on a schedule from there. You want your clients to return to your account page on a regular basis, such as every Saturday when new goods are launched.


These above eCommerce tips can be beneficial for you if you want to boost your business in 2023.

Globally, eCommerce is on the rise. Though it is very simple to create an online store, your company will need more than just a website to survive. You can create the website from a website builder like Shopivana – a free website builder for 30 days with a 10-day money-back guarantee, tons of features, and a user-friendly interface.

Once your store is up and running, concentrate on enhancing customer interaction to boost trust, sales, and long-term loyalty for your eCommerce company. You can do so with the help of marketing tools offered by Shopivana!

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