Is It Better to Code a website or Use a Website Builder?

When launching a business, you are suddenly expected to be an expert in every field. And one important thing you must do is learn how to construct websites. Why? Because a website is your internet business card. So, you go to Google and seek information on this issue and find numerous fascinating articles regarding professional website builders. You’d never heard of them before but they seem to be the ideal answer for you!

But… are you certain? 

Remember that the simplest and cheapest options are not always the best (often, they are not the cheapest in the end). So what do you do? 

Let’s find out by taking a deeper look at whether is it better to code a website or use a website builder?

Coding a Website vs. Using a Website Builder

The primary difference between utilizing a website builder and coding from scratch is the effort required to create the end output. 

The website builder is a reasonably basic step-by-step procedure that includes drag-and-drop pieces for quick construction. When you code, you effectively start with a blank canvas. 

Let’s see what does each one entail and what are their benefits.


When creating a website using coded HTML and CSS, the coding language effectively writes how the page appears.

It provides you with complete creative control over the result. It is particularly important if you have a unique creative concept for a website that stands out from the crowd.

If you want to be able to make changes to the website yourself or understand how it works, you should probably utilize manual coding.

The Benefits of Hand Coding

There are various benefits to coding your website rather than utilizing a website builder

Here are a few examples:

1. Complete Creative Authority

When you construct your website by hand, you have complete control over the result. It means you can develop a site that reflects your brand and personality—exactly what you want to be able to achieve!

2. It Is Cost-Effective 

Hand coding is not costly. It is not costly compared to employing someone to perform your task. In reality, it might not be easy to locate economical web designers and developers that can do the work for you. However, in order to hand code, you must have extensive coding knowledge.

3. There Is a Lot You Can Learn

One of the benefits of learning to code is that you may learn a lot about how to design a website. It might help you learn how to make tiny changes to the website or even design a website from the ground up.

4. Higher Functionality

When you utilize a website builder, you restricted by the functionality of the website builder. You are not constrained in this sense if you employ manual coding. You can build a website with as many features as possible and design them precisely.

5. Complete Command of the Website Response

A free website builder allows a limited amount of control over the website’s reaction. When you utilize hand coding, you can choose whether to let your website load dynamically or in a more simplified manner.

Website Builder

Looking at the opposite side of website creation, you may design your website using the best website builder. A website builder is a program that allows you to construct a website without knowing how to code.

Website builders are ideal for folks who do not have any coding skills. They’re also advantageous for those on a tight budget.

Benefits of Using a Website Builder

There are various benefits to utilizing a free website builder to create your website. 

Here are a few examples:

1. A Website May Be Up and Running Quickly

Website builders are quick and simple to use. When you use a website maker to construct a website, you can have it up and running fast. The website builder will handle the coding. It will also lead you through the process of making all of the changes you wish.

2. They’re Ideal for Newcomers

The free website builder is excellent for newcomers. A website builder will come in handy if you don’t have any coding skills or have never attempted coding before. It is the best choice for folks who wish to build their website.

3. They Have Tools for Creativity

Website builders aren’t simply for making websites. They provide creative tools for adding animation, pictures, and other components to your website. These technologies enable you to achieve things you would not be able to do with hand coding alone.

4. You Can Easily Add New Functionalities

When you wish to add a new feature to your website, you may do it by using a website builder. It may be less costly than paying someone to perform the task for you. You should understand how much it costs to employ a designer to create a website for you.

5. They Are Well-Supported

Customer service is often fantastic with website builders. It might be a fantastic choice if you need assistance with an issue or have questions about how to utilize the website builder.

Which Is Most Appropriate for You?

After watching the war of coding vs. website builders, it’s reasonable to state that the ideal path for you and your organization is entirely based on your specific situation.

If you’re still undecided between the two, consider the following:

Consider Your Company’s Requirements

Suppose your website is only a source of information, such as restaurant hours and menus or contact information for your sales staff. In that case, you may not want the complex functionality that a programmed website may provide.

Think About Your Priorities

Every company owner has their own set of website priorities. Consider your company’s most pressing demands and top priorities.

Are you more concerned about appearances or functionality?

Do you have technical knowledge to code a website?

How often do you intend to upload fresh photographs or modify the text?

Are you looking for a cost-effective solution?

These considerations should influence your choice to utilize a website builder or construct your website.

Take Note of How Much Time You Have

Did you have to go live online yesterday?

In such a situation, a website builder may be your better choice.

Bottom Line

A website builder is an excellent choice for folks with little or no coding experience. Hand coding, on the other hand, is the best option for individuals with more resources (time and money) and access to best website coders. 

If you decide to use a free website builder, Shopivana is the best eCommerce website builder. Without programming or development knowledge, you can easily design functional and beautiful websites with their easy visual drag-and-drop builder. It is, without a doubt, the best website builder available today!

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