Magento Vs. Shopivana: The Website Builder Showdown

An entrepreneur set up his business offline, which is going well, but now that businessman wishes to expand the business and mark the presence online. What is the very first thought that strikes the mind? Well, it is an eCommerce website builder platform, but choosing the best website builder for your business is not as simple as going for a stroll in the park.

There are several eCommerce website builders available online, but your choice is what will make an actual difference. So to make your work a bit easier, we will discuss two of the best e-commerce website builders platforms, Magento and Shopivana, and further create a comparison to choose the best one among these two website builders.

What Are Magento And Shopivana?

Magento and Shopivana are the leading e-commerce website builder platforms that offer different options for their customers to explore and expand.


Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform offering its customers the latest and advanced features. It was developed and released by Magento.Inc. This e-commerce website builder platform was made available to customers on 31 March 2008. Magento e-commerce provides development, optimization, and support for your sales and conversions.


On the other hand, Shopivana is another free website builder released in 2021. It offers premium services to businesses, home businesses, startups, and even an MSME. This eCommerce website builder is easy to use and helps to create eCommerce and brand-showcasing websites on mobile or the web with just a few clicks. With a tagline of Get your professional website exactly the way you want,” this platform is quite promising with its services by encouraging the concept of ideas, developments, and transformations. Hence Shopivana is emerging as a platform in demand which gives stunning website ideas to its clients with pocket-friendly rates and highly professional results.

Magento VS Shopivana: Quick Comparison

Let us begin the ultimate showdown between Magento and Shopivana. We are well aware that both of the platforms are best on their own, but for you, which is the top choice can be decided by making a comparison on the following parameters:

Magento Vs. Shopivana: Features

Features are an essential aspect to learn about while comparing the two. Magento is rich in marketing, promotion, conversion tools, site management, SEO, product browsing, catalog browsing, checkout, payment, shipping, customer account, customer service, and more. If we highlight some major features, then mentioned below are some of them which make it highly preferred:

  • Promotions targeting a particular audience, merchandising, and good customer segmentation
  • Variation in providing cross-sells and up-sells
  • Options to maintain persistence in shopping for customers
  • Supports customer retention using the automated email marketing strategy
  • Gift registry, gifting options, and rewards for engaging customers
  • Well-established export/import system and functionality

While talking about the features offered by Shopivana, it is an excellent option to boost and grow your e-commerce. Some of the highly profitable features of Shopivana are:

  • The easy-to-use theme for shopping
  • Easy payment option offering a variety of payment gateways
  • Tools to analyze available for both the owner and the customer’s end
  • No commission structure
  • Unique business ideas for all types covering grocery, health, beauty, gifts, pet products, shoes, food, apparel, crafts, etc.

Magento Vs. Shopivana: Prices

Price is an essential factor influencing one’s decision while making a choice. Magento offers two versions; one is the open source that is free to use but demands to fulfill the requirement of installing it on your server or hosting company by configuring it with your developer. In contrast, the other version is called Adobe Commerce, which is the paid version. Additionally, the charges for the hosting, themes, extensions, and even development are evaluated, and in total, this will cost from a few hundred dollars to $250000.

Shopivana follows the ideology of a commission system, making its unique strategy in the market. The pricing of Shopivana is affordable enough, offering different plans. For a self-made website, the pricing is Rs. 7000/ per year, including all features and video tutorials. For static websites, the charges are Rs. 7000 per year, while for an e-commerce website, it will cost Rs. 21000 per year covering the management cost by Shopivana, providing domain names and 2mails along with Google merchant listing.

Magento Vs. Shopivana: Performance and Speed

Magento is an early established platform as compared to Shopivana. It is a third-party extension provider with an edge over the customization for built solutions. The speed and performance of the paid version are appreciable as it adversely affects the loading speed and the conversion rate of your website; therefore, success depends on it. Further, there are ways to enhance the performance by updating, enabling flat catalog, image optimization, etc.

In the case of Shopivana, the service providers ensure fast performance where one can create a website in just 30 mins or less without expert guidance in the simplest way possible. The services provided are quick and fast, and the loading time on the website is also appreciable.

Magento Vs. Shopivana: Support And Security

Magento believes in giving the best. Therefore, support and security services are built. But the free-to-use open-source version of Magento is prone to a high risk of invasion by hackers. Hence the developers ask the customers to install the security patches to ensure security.

The support and security in Shopivana are subjected to SSL security with encryption of 128 BIT. It also ensures information security for both the clients and the web servers. Moreover, Shopivana is available anytime to support and guide. You need to make a call, and the service providers will be there to help you.

The Winner

Shopivana seems to emerge as the ultimate winner of the showdown after making all the comparisons in detail. Although Magento is well versed in offering advanced features, if we study the other factors or parameters, then Shopivana is dominating Magento, offering affordable prices to its customers along with the latest digitalization trends.

Shopivana offers powerful marketing tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, etc. Moreover, you can create a fantastic website even if you do not have any technical knowledge. The designs and performance speed of Shopivana are also great compared to Magento.

Comparing both eCommerce website builders depicts Shopivana as the better option when choosing the platform to establish, expand and grow your business.