10 Best Marketing Channels For Ecommerce Stores

Statista says that over 4.26 billion people used social media worldwide in 2021. And this number is expected to rise to nearly six billion by 2027. As the number of users grows, so will the number of marketing channels. The question is: WHY? Because every business owner aims for growth in their company. And these marketing channels assist in improving the customer base that every startup desires.

What Is A Marketing Channel?

The word marketing explains a lot about it. It means to promote the product or business, and the channel is the medium through which we can do this. Hence a marketing channel is a location where you can attract new clients for your company.

Moreover, these channels are classified into two types:

  • Paid channels: You pay to display adverts to potential clients.
  • Organic channels: Like social media platforms, you may develop and share content without paying to show it to people.

The combination of marketing channels you select contributes to the overall marketing strategy for your company. Most channels are digital marketing channels, which means they reach online consumers. Other channels, such as staging live events or sending direct mail, try to get individuals in person.

Below are some of the examples that you can leverage for your business

Direct Mail Promotion

Direct-mail marketing refers to sending physical items to customers via the postal service. It may also include coupon code postcards with a variety of scopes and styles in them. Additionally, many companies still choose to mail whole catalogs to the targeted customers.

Email Promotion

As the name itself suggests, in Email marketing, companies send notifications about ongoing offers or notify them about promotions via a full-fledged email campaign or a series of emails centered on a single issue. You can use the medium when you onboard a new customer or for the promotion of a newly launched service or product.

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Paid Advertisements

Paying for adverts to appear on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube can help you build your business by driving traffic to your website. Paid ads, often known as display advertising, have their concerns. With changing, times and the enhancement of digitalization paid advertising prices have risen dramatically in recent years and require continued funding to run again.

While sponsored ads may be effective for your company, they are not as consistent as organic traffic, which grows steadily over time. Consider employing paid content to prove the premise of a new company idea instead.

Marketing On Social Media

Social media marketing is posting material to various social media sites such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. This is the best marketing channel for small businesses.

Posting material on your social media platforms is considered organic marketing. It may be an excellent tool to identify, engage and establish relationships with people who will purchase your products and advocate your brand.

SMS Advertising

SMS marketing is the practice of sending direct text messages to existing or new clients. Because of how personal this marketing channel is, it frequently necessitates a sign-up bonus. However, SMS’s direct and immediate nature makes it so effective. The trick is communicating with your audience only when you have something significant.

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Affiliate Promotion

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing in which people make money by advertising a product or service on their website. For example, a food blogger might mention their favorite baking sheet, stand mixer, or type of flour in a recipe blog article. A commission is paid to the blogger if a reader clicks through and purchases the item.

Content Marketing

Content marketing can apply to various marketing channels, but it most commonly refers to creating organic (non-paid) content on your owned channels. These outlets include your blog, social media platforms, email, YouTube channel, and podcast if you have one.

Content marketing may assist develop trust with your audience and fill in any gaps or queries they have about your items, in addition to driving traffic to your website through search results or popular social postings.

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Paid Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing, or SEM, is the practice of paying a search engine, such as Google, to appear above all other results and attract traffic to your website.

Because search traffic has intent, it can be a profitable approach to onboard customers already looking for the things you provide. Unlike organic SEO, paid search engine marketing guarantees you will rank higher than all other organic results for the same search query.

Event Promotion

Event promotion is the most popular marketing channel. A healthy lead acquisition approach includes holding or attending events. Large business gatherings attract an audience interested in your industry, product, or new opportunities in general. Attendees are likely to become warm leads and devoted consumers in the future.

A way to do this is by showcasing your product in front of clients, whether at a local market, craft fair, trade expo, or another event. The result? You get to hear real-time feedback, better understand what marketing messaging works, and improve your understanding of your target audience.

Public Relations

PR, often known as public relations, entails contacting established media networks in the hopes that they would cover your company or product. It’s a technique that works best when your product is new, unique, and has a compelling story.


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