Top 20 Part-Time Profitable Small Businesses

Starting a part-time business is easier than ever now with technological advancements. Easy access to the internet, some basic knowledge of social media, and a robust shipping partner are all you need to start part-time profitable small businesses.

However, here’s a challenge: Which is the most profitable part-time business that you can start?

Several ideas can be turned into part-time small businesses, but which business idea will turn into the best profitable part-time business? Worry not!

This blog will walk you through some of the most profitable business ideas you can pick up right away!

Top Profitable Part-Time Business Ideas

1. Personalized Handmade Gifts

Have a knack for craft and creativity. Then why not use it to make someone’s special moment even more special? It does not require heavy investments, and you will only have to work as per the orders, making it a flexible part-time business option.

2. Social Media Marketing

No business in today’s time can survive without using social media. In fact, social media accounts for 33% of the total digital ad spending budget. So if you have the required social media marketing knowledge, adequate skills, a laptop, and an internet connection, you can start this business from any part of the world.

3. Chocolates and Baking

The chocolate and baking business does not require you to bake cakes or make chocolates in advance. You can take orders as per your availability. To attract customers, you can ask your friends and family to spread the word and start an Instagram to promote your business.

4. Jewelry Selling

Women are increasingly opting for cheap imitation jewelry as gold prices continually rise. Starting a modest, low-risk business with handmade jewelry is perfect. All you need to do is find a wholesaler you can source it from, set up an online store with the help of website builders like Shopivana, find a shipping partner, and start marketing it.

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5. Freelance Writing

Do you have the skills to turn words into tales? If yes, freelance writing is one of the popular part-time profitable small businesses currently. With a robust and diverse portfolio and platforms like Linkedin, you can easily land clients and build your freelance business.

6. Proofreading

If you don’t have enough time to write but have a knack for details, a proofreading business will fetch you well. Proofreaders scan written material and transcripts to look for typographical, grammatical, and spelling problems. You have excellent opportunities to work with publishers, newspapers, and other organizations that value flawless grammar.

7. Diaries and Notebooks

Selling diaries and notebooks is another popular part-time profitable small business you may start. You can always choose to source them from suppliers and sell them via an online website or a social media account.

8. Tutoring

If you are well-versed in a particular subject or a cluster of them, you can always teach them to others. If you get your students the desired results, your tutoring business will flood with inquiries. Because let’s be honest. All parents only want the best for their children, and if you are the best, they are bound to approach you!

9. Food Trucks

Have a love for food and the ability to cook delicious food? If yes, you may consider starting a food truck. Although this business will require an initial investment, if people love how your food tastes, you will be on your way to making profits. All you need is a good menu and a good chef!

10. Professional Makeup Artist

Becoming a makeup artist is another business idea you can consider. Start by giving your friends and family a transformation to create a portfolio. Then you upload these pictures on social media to market your skills and business.

11. Bookkeeping

If you are good with numbers and tracking financial transactions, bookkeeping is a viable part-time profitable business to start. The best part about this business is that it will usually only need a small amount of startup money, which means you’ll make a healthy profit. Additionally, you have more freedom because you may offer bookkeeping services in person or online.

12. Pop Up Shops

You can create a weekend pop-up shop to sell items while keeping your day job. A weekend food stand or anything specific, such as candy or plush toys, can be used for this. While working, you can keep your time commitment to a minimum.

13. Affiliate Marketer

To earn money with affiliates, you can enroll in various affiliate programs. Through blogs or social media, you will advertise your affiliates. You will receive a commission for each sale made by a customer who uses one of your affiliate links.

14. SEO Consultant

Online SEO services are something you can give if you have some knowledge of digital marketing. Basically, you will examine your client’s websites to assist them in optimizing their SEO to raise their online rating. The skill is in high demand, and if you can deliver results, nothing like it!

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15. Virtual Assistant

The most often requested virtual assistant services are scheduling, making calls, booking flights, entering data, and managing email accounts. A virtual assistant business should fare well if you have the necessary skills like organization, discipline, time management, and excellent written and spoken skills.

16. Business Coach

Working with entrepreneurs to help them grow their companies is what a business coach does. This can involve increasing sales and profitability to selecting which business ideas to accept or reject.

17. Graphic Designer

Any company that wishes to succeed online must have visual material, whether it be for websites, logos, or social media graphics. A career as a graphic designer may be one of your best business chances if you’re creative and have a keen eye for design.

18. Marketing

Marketing is one of the most crucial factors in a company’s success, and you can benefit from their desire to draw clients. Offering marketing services can be a suitable fit for you if you know a lot about marketing and are looking for profitable company ideas.

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19. DJ

If you enjoy music and want to work for yourself, consider opening a DJ company. People are prepared to spend a lot of money on an epic party, making this one of the most lucrative small enterprises.

20. Payroll Processing

Payroll processing for nearby businesses can be your ideal new venture if you’re meticulous and well-organized. Simply ask local small company owners whether they need your services to find your first clients.


All part-time profitable small businesses require a robust idea and smooth execution. Pair it up with good marketing and online presence; your business will boom in no time. The best part? You can scale it as you desire.

We hope this list of 20 part-time profitable small businesses helps you pick an idea and start work right away! It’s not as hard as it may look. Start, and you’ll find your way!