A Complete Guide To Sell Furniture And Home Decor Online

Do you want to sell furniture and home decor online?

Well, many people want their living spaces to reflect their individuality. And they are willing to go to any length to obtain the ideal goods to adorn and furnish their home.

This blog will teach you all you need to know to sell furniture and home decor online and start an online profitable business. You’ll learn about overcoming obstacles, creating an online home décor company, and promoting your business.

Is Home Décor A Profitable Business?

More individuals wish to make living arrangements more liveable and work-friendly after the pandemic lockdown. Consequently, the demand for home décor goods on the internet has skyrocketed.

According to one projection, the Indian home design industry will be worth $27 billion by 2022. As a result, this is a lucrative industry to be in right now.

A considerable profit margin is another advantage of beginning a home décor company. Sell old furniture online and maintain profit margins of at least 20-25%. When selling home décor online, you also have many themes to select from.

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Challenges In Launching A Home Décor And Furniture Ecommerce Business

Here are some obstacles that online home décor firms confront and their solutions.

1. Difficulty Displaying The Product.

It might be tough to exhibit your items’ quality and other features on a virtual platform instead of in physical storefronts. It would be best if you educated internet buyers about your home décor goods as effectively as possible.


The answer is to include high-quality photographs or videos that show off your furniture and home décor items from every aspect. Write clear product descriptions that include the item’s size, materials, and color.

Encourage your consumers to write product reviews and post them on your website. Also, request that they include photos. To provide a smooth buying experience for your clients, use an eCommerce platform that understands these requirements.

2. Online Shopping For Home Decor Does Not Seem Personal.

Online buyers want a personalized purchasing experience. Many websites fail to incorporate customization, causing them to lose repeat clients. As a result, you should make your consumers feel as though their preferences and requirements are being met.


Throughout the customer journey, provide personalized product suggestions. Based on what they engage with on your online store, recommend products to sell used furniture online that appeal to each unique buyer.

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3. Shipping Home Décor Items.

Many online firms struggle with logistics and eCommerce product shipment. Scaling this up and finding a delivery partner to ensure on-time delivery may be time-consuming. Besides, being in the furniture business, it becomes even more challenging to have a logistics partner who can transport your furniture with utmost care. Many times business owners struggle with furniture tampering during the transportation process.


Find an appropriate shipping partner for your home décor company to address this difficulty. When you make your website with Shopivana website builder, you get access to reputed shipping partners such as Delhivery, Shiprocket, and many more to cater to your customers’ requirements efficiently. With such trusted partners, you need not worry about fragile home decor items as well.

The Types Of Furniture That May Sell Online

To sell furniture online, you must first determine what qualifies as furniture. The following items are included in the furniture and home décor category:

  • Furniture (including chairs, recliners, futons, dining table and bookshelves) (including chairs, recliners, futons, dining tables, and bookshelves)
  • Concrete slabs and flooring
  • Textile (includes upholstery fabric, wall decorations, and carpets) (including upholstery fabric, wall decorations, and rugs)
  • Tiles and marble

How To Sell Furniture Online

There are several methods to get started in the furniture-selling industry. The path you choose will be determined by various criteria, including your skill level, initial money, and storage availability.

Step 1: Obtaining Financing For Your Furniture Company.

If you want to dropship, you may get started with a few hundred thousand rupees since there is no need to keep inventory. If you already have a hobby workshop, a custom/made-to-order furniture company will enable you to acquire supplies as you go, so there’s no need to spend much ahead. Expect to invest tens of thousands of rupees to set up a workshop if you don’t already have the essential tools and equipment.

You may begin with what you can afford and gradually expand your tool arsenal. Many individuals start their furniture enterprises with savings and then build their companies by reinvesting earnings. The goal is to be patient while avoiding overextending oneself.

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Step 2: Creating An Online Furniture Brand.

It is critical to identify your brand at this early stage. Define your brand’s narrative and visual identity, express your goal and visualize your target consumer more clearly. Create a brand guideline to document everything for future purposes.

Step 3: Establishing A Business.

If you don’t already own equipment or have a specialized workshop, starting as a furniture manufacturer might be pricey. You may begin with the fundamentals and gradually extend your toolset as your company expands. You may also use the Shopivana website builder to construct your eCommerce website and have an online storefront.

Step 4: Inventory And Storage Of Furniture.

Keep your space requirements in mind if you’ve opted to build or resale furniture (new or old) and aren’t dropshipping or creating to order. As we discussed in the funding section, this might account for a significant portion of your initial expenditures.

Handling storage, fulfillment, and shipping early is beneficial for quality control. It assists you in understanding the complexities of storing and shipping and provides you with a better feel of the level of care necessary to handle your furniture.

Step 5: Product Photography For Furniture And Home Décor.

Furniture, like clothes, is very personal. Without a fitting room or showroom, online retailers must duplicate as much of the in-person purchasing experience as feasible. When shooting furniture and home decorations, scale, size, texture, and detail are crucial factors.

Photography is essential for curated companies because it establishes uniformity throughout their websites.

Bottom Line

Let us now put all of our efforts together to sell old furniture online. If you’ve taken the time to create strong brand standards, this should be a logical continuation of your efforts. Before releasing your product to the public, take some time to experiment with alternative combinations and designs. Launching a modest eCommerce website, along with your social profiles, at this point might help you spread a name so that you can make a huge impact when your business goes live.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into this flourishing market and start an online furniture and home decor business today!