Shopivana VS Shopify 2022 Comparison: Which Is Worth Your While?

E-commerce website builders are one of the most convenient ways to kickstart your online business. However, it gets tricky when it comes to choosing the best website builder out of a variety of them. Since almost all the website builder platforms claim to be the best, you might find it extremely difficult to choose the one ideal for your business.

This article aims to help you in choosing the best website builder. We have put together a handy comparison table just for you. Hence, read on. 

What Are Shopify and Shopivana?

Both Shopify and Shopivana are website builder platforms.

Shopivana is an ecommerce website builder platform designed for small businesses, MSMEs and startups to kickstart their business. It enables them to grow their business online and build brand value in this age of digitization. The best thing about Shopivana is that the setup is very user-friendly and enables business owners to build stunning websites. 

Shopify is also a popular e-commerce website builder platform. It is subscription-based and allows businesses to sell digital and physical products, whether big, small, or medium. 

What Are Shopify and Shopivana?

This Shopify vs. Shopivana quick comparison, will help you to choose the most suitable option for your online store. 

1. Ease of Use: Which Is More User-Friendly?

Shopivana is renowned for being easy to use. It offers custom theme designs, templates, and components that you can mix and match by business requirements. Moreover, the templates come with a preview option. Unlike Shopify, which uses a coding language, the Shopivana user does not have to deal with any coding language. Even users with 0 tech knowledge can create their websites.

Shopivana allows you to build your online store in no time, empowering you to focus more on attracting and serving your customers.

Criteria  Shopify Shopivana
Ease of use score 3.5 4.0
Coding knowledge Required Not required
Estimated building time 3 days 1 day

2. Pricing and Value for Money: Which One Should You Invest In?

As compared to Shopify, Shopivana plans are affordable. This makes Shopivana ideal for small to medium-sized business owners and entrepreneurs with financial constraints. Both Shopivana and Shopify offer three types of plans for clients to choose from, as per their business requirements and financial positions. 

Following are the three plans that Shopify offers –

  • Basic plan is – Rs. 1499/ month 
  • Shopify plan – Rs. 5599/month
  • Advanced plan – Rs. 22680/month.

Shopivana offers the following three plans –

  • Do it Yourself plan – Rs. 7,000 per year, inclusive of taxes. 
  • Static website plan – Rs. 7,000 per year, (taxes included)
  • Ecommerce Website plan – Rs. 21,000 per year(inclusive of taxes).

The Do it Yourself Plan needs to be self-managed by the business owner. It comes with a lot of online tutorial videos to initiate you in the journey of building your online store. The bonus point is that this plan includes all the features that Shopivana offers at such a cheap price. The other two plans, a static website and an e-commerce website are also quite inexpensive. 

Criteria Shopify Shopivana
Pricing and Value for Money score 3.0 4.4
Number of plans 3 3
Cheapest plan Rs. 1499 per month Rs. 583.33 per month, i.e., Rs. 7000 per year

3. Payment Options: Who Offers More Payment Offers for Customers?

Shopivana supports most of the traditional payment options, which include RazorPay, Paytm, Stripe, Cashfree, Paypal, and PayU. Though Shopivana does not offer as many payment options as Shopify, as of now; however, they will soon be able to include more payment options. 

Shopify, on the other hand, allows more than 100 different types of payment gateways. However, it doesn’t presently support Square. Shopify allows merchants to activate tipping during checkout options or modify the text to appeal for donations to your business or a favorite charity. 

Shopify users have to pay transaction fees until and unless they use Shopify’s gateway, Shopify Payments. Shopivana, however, does not have its in-house payment option. It, therefore, doesn’t levy any transaction fees, unlike Shopify. No transaction fees mean you get to save more of your money in comparison to Shopify.

Criteria Shopify Shopivana
Paypal Yes Yes
Transaction Fees Transaction fees is charged until and unless you use Shopify’s own gateway No transaction fees required irrespective of payment gateway
Number of payment options More than 100 Very limited

4. Marketing Features: How Can You Grow and Promote Your Side?

In terms of marketing features, Shopivana outshines Shopify. Shopivana has several features that will help you to promote and boost sales. 

Although Shopivana websites are already SEO friendly, it also has a long list of marketing tools: Social Sharing, Facebook Pixel, Google Tab Manager, Google Analytics, Add snippets in header body and footer, Shop Analytics, and Custom email templates.

You can directly share a single product or create a catalog for products to share multiple products with your customers on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Shopivana allows you to drive more sales through the following –

  • Coupon Codes
  • Loyalty Points

Shopify, on the other hand, depends too much on third-party apps for marketing. This feature no doubt offers you a lot of flexibility. However, comparing the two platforms fairly often becomes difficult, with too many apps floating around. 

Criteria Shopify Shopivana
Social Media Integration Average Awesome
Abandoned Cart Recovery Included on all plans Included on all plans
Email Campaigns Good Awesome

The Winner

As you can infer from the comparison shown above, Shopivana is the best fit for entrepreneurs about to dip their feet into the online business world. It is also ideal for small and medium-sized business owners. This is because Shopivana offers you various features at the most affordable price.

The no-coding feature, coupled with an endless number of stunning themes, will give you enormous creative freedom. These features make it ideal for entrepreneurs who are brand-conscious. 

Shopify is ideal for larger businesses with the luxury of affording costly plans. Although Shopify also offers a wide variety of features, it lags in respect of some features mentioned in the table given above. Nevertheless, Shopify and Shopivana are two of the best website builder platforms that help streamline the process of building an online store. You also have the option to choose from a list of free website builder platforms. That being said, the final decision rests with you. Research more and choose the platform that best matches your requirements.