The Simple Way To Start Your Online Store: A Checklist

Are you planning to start an online store? Well, that is not tough. With the help of the best eCommerce website builders for small businesses, anyone and everyone can start and scale their online business!

If you are wondering where and how to start your online business, you have landed on the right page. This blog will discuss everything you need to build a successful online store.

All you have to start with is to create a business strategy. It helps you organize your business ideas, develop your concept, and assess your business’s viability.

Then, you must choose a website platform. If you don’t know web design, get an expert. Shopivana website builder can help you get started.

And with that, you can quickly develop a beautiful concept for an online store.

Why Do You Need To Set Up An Online Store?

According to a global data estimate, the e-commerce business will grow to $20.7 trillion by 2025. The numbers are only increasing and offer people like you and me the opportunity to start our businesses. Let’s understand how to start a small business at home!

Your Products Are Available 24*7*365

While having merchandise at your office might assist customers in understanding what you propose, enabling them to buy from you online can increase sales. They don’t have to go to your business to pick up their product or purchase that last-minute essential since it can be delivered to their home!

Use Search Engine Visibility To Reach A New Audience

Aside from the branding and connections, you build in the office, having an online shop will improve traffic to your e-commerce website through search engines. Those results will appear when prospective buyers search for a product you sell.

Reduce Your Retail Costs

You may measure how popular goods are by having an online presence and carrying a specific number of products in your office. You will also be able to increase your product variety while incurring little administrative costs. You won’t need more staff, advertising and promotion will be less costly, and you won’t have to take up precious office space.

Develop Sales-Related Targeted Communication

You may target your customers’ interests via communication and marketing if you have a clear sample of what things they are purchasing. This information may also be used to arrange specials, offers, and discounts on items and services.

Display Your Best Products

When you have tried-and-tested items, such as the finest dog chow on the market or high-end eyeglasses that you know your consumers will enjoy, being able to display them front and center in your online shop will make them simpler to locate. Previous customers have bought and been pleased with the same thing. Therefore, you are confident that these items will also benefit other consumers.

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A Checklist For Starting Your Online Store

Below is the checklist for starting an online store:

Learn About The Various Online Business Models.

Don’t simply go ahead and open an online business. The first step is understanding the various models for running an online business. It assists you in understanding how the company will function for you and estimating the expenses of establishing an online shop.

Locate The Best Things To Sell.

After you’ve figured out the business models, you can use them to operate an online shop. The next thing to do is choose a product to sell.

Here’s the core structure you should use to identify the right things to sell:

  • Make a list of things you wish to sell or are enthusiastic about.
  • Check Google Trends for product demand.
  • Examine the market on marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart, and others.
  • Take notice of their typical price.

Locate Your Product’s Manufacturer.

After determining which things to market based on customer demand, you need to consider how you’ll get them.

  • If you’re creating the product from scratch, you’ll need to find a manufacturer that understands your needs and can offer quality.
  • If you want to operate as a channel for items already on the market, you’ll need to locate a supplier that can dropship for you.

Determine Your Product Price.

It’s time to compute product prices based on what you expect to sell and how you plan to get or manufacture it.

It is an important stage in beginning an internet shop since it affects the ROI you get on your investment, no matter how modest.

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Select The Best Ecommerce Platform

Now that you know what resources are accessible to you after product sourcing and how much you may make, it’s time to pick the best eCommerce platform. The eCommerce website builder you choose not only makes it simple to start an online business, but it may also significantly influence your ongoing investment.

Design Your Shop Using Free Themes.

Branding is crucial but does not need a significant investment in website design. On average, creating and developing a website on your own would cost you at least INR 40,000. The fees might range from INR 70,000 and above, depending on the number of pages, functions, and other features you want to provide clients.

If you want to launch an online shop with little expenditure, we suggest using Shopivana’s free themes to design your business. These Shopivana website builder themes have a variety of page layouts and adjustments that you can use to customize the appearance and feel of the shop. However, we suggest you go through the pros & cons of Website Builders for Small businesses before choosing one.

Choose The Best Payment Gateway For Your Shop.

Before opening your online business and accepting orders, you must determine your target audience’s preferred payment methods. You must select the appropriate payment gateways and the related setup and maintenance charges.

Locate A Reliable Shipping Partner.

Shipping is another area where your online business prices may easily mount up. When calculating their investments, most eCommerce firms overlook shipping and delivery expenses.

Create A Marketing Strategy.

Marketing and advertising are where your business’s investment might get out of hand or fall short. With customer attention becoming more competitive by the day, you must determine the best channels to be present on.

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Create A Community

Maximize the return on your little budget by prioritizing community building from day one. Your very first client should be the one who tells others in their network about your goods and services. Ideally, the experience you provide should start a chain reaction of word-of-mouth marketing.


The online business model offers several opportunities for everyone. However, due to industry rivalry, it is becoming more difficult for enterprises to flourish. Lack of resources or rapid cash burn is a common reason for the same.

Platforms or website builders like Shopivana are developed assuming that most individuals want to start small, explore their business concepts, and expand. We hope this guide—how to start an online store helps you set up an online store for your business.