Top 5 eCommerce Website Builders

Do you want to grow your business? If yes, an eCommerce website is a great way to do so! 

And to create a profitable eCommerce website, you will need a robust website builder. It should help you create a website that is centered on your users but helps you meet your business goals as well. 

As exciting as it sounds, creating an eCommerce website can be challenging, especially if you do not choose an appropriate website builder. Fortunately, there are plenty of options available today. All you need to do is compare them to choose the best website builder for you! 

Learn more about the benefits of having an eCommerce website for your business and choose the best website builder from the top 5 ecommerce website builders listed. 

How Does an eCommerce Website Support Your Business?

Creating an ecommerce site is an excellent method for launching or expanding your company. They provide a variety of features and advantages that may assist in boosting sales and optimizing earnings, in addition to offering clients a polished and professional online appearance. 

But that’s not all. 

Here are a few more ways an eCommerce website can support your business – 

  • Speeds Up the Buying Process: An eCommerce website allows you to display all your products simultaneously. As a result, your buyers can find whatever products they need and order them within minutes. 
  • Allows You to Expand Your Consumer Base: eCommerce website not only allows you to connect with your established audience but also allows you to expand your consumer base. This is true, especially if you offer inter-state and international shipping. Anyone can browse through your catalog and place an order without hassle.
  • Cost-Effective: You often spend a lot of money maintaining your actual storefronts. This includes larger up-front payments for rent, maintenance, shop design, and more. An eCommerce website reduces the costs of labor and physical space. 
  • No Time Constraints: Unlike physical stores, which frequently have set opening hours, your eCommerce website won’t have any time restrictions. Every day of the week, the platform may be operational and running round-the-clock. Consequently, eCommerce firms may boost sales and profits since clients no longer have to wait for a store to open.

The benefits are truly endless. And can reap them all by using a good eCommerce website builder. So let’s discuss the top 5 website builders you can use to create a fantastic eCommerce website! 

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Top 5 eCommerce Website Builders For You! 

1. Shopivana 

If your goal is to create an excellent website without much hassle, Shopivana is the ideal website builder for you. It is the best website builder for you. But why? Because you do not need any technical knowledge to create your online store. 

Shopivana hosts several features that can help you boost your revenues. These include 150+ shop settings, pre-build templates and theme cards, marketing tools, and more. It also offers a seamless admin panel that lets you fully control the website – every little important aspect. 

Furthermore, you can check your daily and weekly order statistics to track your progress. Not to forget the possibility of integrating top-notch, secure payment gateways like Razorpay, Paytm, Paypal, and more. And the best part? Unlike some other platforms, it does not share the customer’s personal details with third parties. Shopivana follows a zero-commission structure. All in all, it is an excellent eCommerce website builder for your eCommerce store!

2. Woo Commerce 

Woo Commerce is a wordpress plugin that can be easily added to your dashboard. Although it is a free website builder, you will need an optimized hosting platform to make the best out of it. 

The good thing about this website builder is that you can easily configure your reports with the help of an admin panel. Furthermore, the dashboard will look similar even if you access it using your phone. Besides this, it offers product management, shipping facilities, checkout functions, and website payment. 

However, it may not be suitable for you if you do not have a site hosted by WordPress. 

3. Shopify

Shopify is a website builder well-known for its drag-and-drop functionality. It offers a host of innovative features, including the Shopify Point of Sale, SEO, dropshipping, and more. Additionally, the platform allows you to send email reminders to customers who have abandoned their carts. This helps with increasing revenue. 

Although it is one of the leading website builders, there is only so much you can do with customization. You cannot scale or modify the website. Also, there is no free version. 

4. Wix 

Popular for its simple page editor, this website builder has a lot to offer to users from a non-tech background. It offers a host of features essential for an intuitive and responsive eCommerce website. These include mobile optimized versions, Wix ADI for customized websites, automatic backups for every tweak you make, email marketing, and more.

Additionally, it offers 500+ templates that are easy to customize to boost your creativity. Not to forget the built-in SEO tools and 250+ web apps for extra features. Unfortunately, the platform does not offer unlimited plans to support your growing business. Also, if you want to shift your website to another platform, you will have to start from scratch. The reason is that you cannot migrate your Wix data.

5. Squarespace

Squarespace is for individuals who are driven by design and creativity. Some of its many features include pre-designed templates, analytics, reports, email marketing, and SEO. If you are worried about hosting services or the security of your website, don’t be. Squarespace covers all that for you! Although you may have to spend a little extra compared to other platforms.

If you want a more customized, functionally-driven, responsive website, you will need to take the help of a website developer. The platform lacks extensibility and portability. Also, if your business scales up quickly, Squarespace will present many constraints. 


Now that you know the top eCommerce website builders, you are better positioned to choose the best for your needs. You must consider several factors before making a choice. These include the platform’s functionality, security, payment gateways, dashboard control, pre-designed templates, and more. 

However, the most important thing to consider is if you can create an eCommerce website all by yourself with the help of a website builder. And if you, will the website builder support your website if you want to scale it?

Shopivana is an eCommerce website builder that will offer you everything at a pocket-friendly price. It is an ideal choice for small business owners who want to boost their business and carve a niche for themselves! Sign up today to create a beautiful eCommerce website that leaves your customers in awe!

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