Wix VS Shopivana: The Website Builder Showdown

Website building might seem a big task for many individuals. Some people might hire experts to create websites for their brands, which is unnecessary as many excellent website builders are available now. 

There are several free website buildears to help every business today. Moreover, the platform allows you to quickly and easily build your own slick and professional website. But there are so many e-commerce website builders that it becomes challenging to decide on one. You often get confused about which website you should use or which is the best website builder. 

In this article, a comparison has been drawn between Shopivana and Wix. Both options are pretty popular. Read ahead to know which platform is better among them.

What Are Wix and Shopivana?


Wix is a very user-friendly website builder that provides complete artistic freedom over your site. It is also one of the best website builders offering web hosting and designing services. The platform is known for its drag-and-drop facility. Moreover, the platform has more than 500 ready-made templates that help you create a website without needing specialized knowledge. The online construction process can be completed quickly using Wix, allowing you the creative freedom to make any kind of website you want. 


Shopivana is a website builder that creates excellent working websites without coding knowledge. With the help of Shopivana, you can make fantastic eCommerce websites. Shopivana is an affordable option specially designed for small business owners. It has about 150+ shop functionalities to choose from when creating a website. You can select a design from several templates present on the platform. After choosing the templates, you only have to adjust the design to meet your requirements, and once you are done, your website is ready to launch!

The question that might arise in your mind is, what is the difference between both platforms? Read ahead to know more!

Wix vs. Shopivana: Quick Comparison

For beginners, picking the best website builder might be challenging. How do you determine which website builder is the best option for you when so many are available? Depending on the requirements, the answer to this question will vary. These comparative studies cover several aspects of Wix and Shopivana that can help you identify the right option for yourself.

1. Ease of Use: Which Is Handy?

Shopivana is renowned for its user-friendly interface, so you can quickly launch your store without any hindrance. The platform does not require any coding. The website development process is easy to bring your businesses online. Whereas Wix, on the other hand, does face a lot of hindrances which lead to its poor user-friendly review.

Criteria  Wix  Shopivana 
Ease of use score 3.5 4.0
Coding Knowledge Required? Not required  Not required 
Estimated Building Time 1-2 days 1-day

2. Design Functionalities: Which Platform Is More Creative?

For design, Wix outperforms Shopivana. Wix’s simplicity in layout makes it an excellent choice. Wix’s templates are designed to assist you in the best ways possible. Wix’s themes are attractive and much suited for an online store. The platform has a plethora of lovely templates that are easy to customize. On the other hand, Shopivana has 150+ custom templates and pre-built product cards to design your eCommerce store. In short, the platform can serve you if you have just started your small business. Or, you can opt for Wix if you need more customizations in terms of design.

Criteria  Wix  Shopivana 
Design score 4 3.9
Number of templates  114 150+

3. Payment Options: Which Is a Better Investment Option?

Both Shopivana and Wix support most of the traditional payment options, which include Stripe and Paypal. In addition, Shopivana also supports payment options such as RazorPay, Paytm, Cashfree, and PayU. The best thing about Shopivana is that they will soon be adding some new payment options for the benefit of their clients. 

On the other hand, Wix doesn’t support digital wallet payments such as Amazon Pay and Apple Pay. Wix has its own in-house payment option, known as Wix Payments. Shopivana, however, does not have its in-house payment option. 

Nevertheless, both Wix and Shopify do not pay levy transaction fees, irrespective of your chosen gateway. 

Criteria  Wix  Shopivana 
RazorPay No Yes
Paytm No Yes
In-house payment option Yes No

4. Shipping Options: Who Can Help You Deliver Your Product?

With its comprehensive shipping tools, Shopivana once again defeats Wix in the shipping options criteria. Whether you want to get a curbside pickup, local delivery, or international shipping to send goods to your consumers, Shopivana provides all the tools needed to make it happen. Wix allows you to track orders and offers drop shipping facilities, yet you will still need to depend on some service provider for global shipping partially. Unlike Shopivana, Wix is not a one-stop solution in terms of shipping options. Thus, Shopivana ensures that your customers get their product via any means. 

Criteria  Wix  Shopivana 
Flexibility  Unavailable  Available 
Contact-free shipping Unavailable  Available 

5. Marketing Features: Which Will Help You Target a Better Audience?

In terms of marketing, Shopivana is very well developed. Although both the platforms are pretty similar, Shopivana provides a few more services than Wix. Shopivana has blogging features of superior quality. This enables you to promote your products. 

Marketing Tools on Shopivana include Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Snippets in the header body and footers, Shop Analytics, and Custom email templates. 

Shopivana mainly relies on social sharing and the above tools for marketing. Wix Ascend, on the other hand, has revolutionized eCommerce marketing. Ascend, an all-inclusive marketing solution, is accessible as a separate subscription and enables you to conveniently manage your marketing initiatives in one location.

Criteria  Wix  Shopivana 
Analytics Average Quite excellent 
Social media integration Average Quite excellent 
Abandoned cart recovery Included on all plans Included on all plans

The Winner

As you can deduce from the quick comparison shown above, Shopivana beats Wix in many aspects. Both these website builder platforms are no doubt two of the best website builder platforms, yet Shopivana can be considered to be more user-friendly and affordable. Shopivana also has several payment options as compared to Wix. 

Besides Shopivana and Wix, you also have the opportunity to choose from a list of free website builder platforms. This article was meant to guide you regarding two of the best website builder platforms, namely Shopivana and Wix, and assist you in deciding which one is ideal for your business requirements. However, the final is always yours to take. Since you have already become familiar with various useful features that Shopivana offers to its users, you can google about it to know some extra facts. Just type in Shopivana and read about it further from the website’s “About Us” section.

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