About us

Shopivana is a platform that offers an easy way to create stunning websites with affordable rates and high-quality professional results. It aims at providing premium services to startups and MSMEs to start, manage and grow their business online across mobile and web with just a few clicks.

Our mission is to empower every business to win in the emerging online market by providing the right tools to scale their business online. It is a no-code platform for businesses to create their website hassle-free or they can opt for our managed services to get their website built. Shopivana has the features and solutions you need to build it in total creative freedom like an easy-to-use shop theme, various payment gateways, and analytics tools for both you and your end customers.

“Get your own professional website, exactly the way you want.”

In order to serve the companies and help them grow as a result of the digitalization process, Shopivana's ideology is closely related to the phrase ‘E-Commerce Nirvana’.

In 2021, Shopivana was born. For these months, we've evolved into an emerging sensation in website design services with a goal of providing exciting features that enable anyone to create their own professional online presence and help them run their online business independently without the commission structure that prevails in the existing e-commerce market.

Shopivana intends to provide the best possible services in order to create e-Commerce and Brand-Showcasing Websites as well as be a one-stop solution to all of its customers' business needs.