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Our eCommerce website developers will create your fully-functional and responsive eCommerce website. Our services include website building, product uploads, maintenance and more.
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Sell Anytime, Anywhere On Your Own eCommerce Website

Looking for eCommerce design services? We’ll help you build and maintain your eCommerce website that goes far beyond business expectations, with the goal of reaching new customers, boosting sales and increasing revenue.
It’s time to focus on your business growth and sales because our experts will manage everything from designing the website to uploading the products.

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One-stop Solution with all the eCommerce features you need to start, grow and strengthen your eCommerce business.

Shopivana eCommerce website design features

  • Fully-Functional Website Design
  • Upload Up to 1000 Products
  • Setup and Integrate Payment Gateway
  • Integrate Shipping Gateway
  • Create and Manage Product Catalogs
  • Customized Shop Theme
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Domain and Two Business Emails
  • Free SSL for Secured website

Quick and Easy Process to Get Started With Us

Managed eCommerce Website Design Services By Shopivana

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Get a fully-functional eCommerce website created and managed by Shopivana Experts.

Services Include:

  • eCommerce Website builder platform
  • Domain & Two-Business Emails
  • Upload Up to 1000 Products
  • Payment Gateway Setup & Integration
  • Integrated Shipping Gateway
  • Social Media Profile Linking
  • Facebook Pixel Integration
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Google Merchant Listing for SEO
  • Order Status Management
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Custom Coupon Codes

Free Consultation by eCommerce expert

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Features that help you grow your eCommerce Business

Easy Product Discoverability

For an easy way to find products, we categorize your site. We'll help you make it easier for customers to search through your content and get what they're looking for in an instant!
eCommerce Product Categories

Display Products Bought Together

Increase the average order value by grouping the products together so that your customers can buy more products in a single transaction.
eCommerce Product Bundles

Share Products on a Single Click

Directly share a single product or create a product catalog to share multiple products with your customers on multiple social media platforms.
Share Products on Social Media

Payment and Shipping Setup

Shopivana eCommerce website builder supports multiple payment gateways like PayPal, RazorPay, PayTM, PayU, Cashfree, and Stripe. Also, we can link Shipping partners like Shiprocket and Shyplite with your website for easy order management.
eCommerce payment & shipping integration

Attract More Customers

Create coupons or special discounts on occasions to boost sales and customer engagement on your website.
E-Commerce Coupons Codes

E-Commerce Theme Configuration

We offer a wide range of predefined themes, components and templates that you can mix and match according to your eCommerce business requirements.
E-Commerce Shop Themes

eCommerce Website Design FAQs

  • Why should I choose the Shopivana eCommerce Design Service?
  • Our eCommerce website design service is ideal for anyone who wants to start selling online. Whether you're self-employed, a freelancer or own a medium-sized business, you can focus on what your do best while our ecommerce website experts build your store. In addition to that, you will get unlimited support.

    You’ll also receive a free training call from our team. They will teach how to use your new online store; and if there is anything else we can help with, please don't hesitate to reach out!

  • How can I buy a plan from Shopivana?
  • If you’re interested in getting professional web design for eCommerce, you can either call us at +91-8696015555 or fill out the form mentioned above, and our team will provide you with a free, no-obligation consultation call.
    You can also Sign Up for our free plan, if you want to check requirements for yourself.

  • What is flow of the eCommerce website design service?
  • We will take care of building your eCommerce website and set you up with an initial list of your products. We'll just need a little input from you along the way to make sure everything goes the way you want.

    Here's how the E-Commerce website design works at Shopivana:

    • 1. When you fill out the form for building your website, you will receive a call for your first consultation by our experts. The eCommerce website designer will be contacted to find out about your website requirements.
    • 2. Then, website building begins. You will be asked to send us any content you want us to compile. We will also need information such as product details and prices, as well as product photos.
    • 3. As soon as the first version of your eCommerce website is ready, you will get a link to check it out.
    • 4. You will have an authorization call with your web designer. Minor changes can be made quickly. If you need us to make major changes, you will have the following authorization call.
    • 5. If you want to learn how to use your eCommerce website, you can have a free training call with the customer success team. They will show you how everything works.
    • 6. Once your E-Commerce website is live, you will be able to access unlimited settings and updates. Just call or email our support team and they will make changes for you.
  • What is the estimated timeframe to build my custom eCommerce website?
  • Your store will be online within 7-10 business days. After you purchase the plan from us, we'll get a first draft to you as soon as possible. By providing us with information that is needed and giving us feedback quickly, this process can move along smoothly for everyone involved. Please be aware that if major changes are needed, this may take more time than expected.

  • What about security of my E-Commerce website?
  • Your website’s information is completely safe at Shopivana. We provide SSL security with 128-bit encryption. An SSL certificate protects your privacy by encrypting the data between a client and a web server.

  • What other services does the plan include?
  • As well as building a professional E-Commerce website, the website development team will integrate payment and shipping methods, connect your store to Facebook and Instagram, and optimize your website for Search engine optimization.

    One of the exceptional features of Shopivana eCommerce website design service is that they offer you a training call. You get to learn how to use your website so you can make changes yourself if needed, and also have assistance in maintenance or edits from the team at any time.