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Steps to launch your E-Commerce website

Easy eShop Setup

1. Set Up Your Shop

Build your mobile-friendly eCommerce website, upload your products, and map your own domain.

Boost Online Sales

2. Elevate Sales

Promote your website with promotions, coupons, and more. Manage everything from the simple and easy-to-use admin dashboard.

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3. Widen your Reach

Market your E-Commerce website by linking and selling online on social media channels.

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Create an eCommerce website that engages traffic

Select your favorite template, then choose the theme components you need to intuitively customize your website. All templates are

  • icon Mobile responsive,
  • icon No coding is needed,
  • icon Are easy to customize.

Add images or text; choose a font style and size for a custom look that attracts customers. Also add videos, widgets, and more to engage visitors to get them back to your website for more!

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Guidance for building your own E-Commerce Website

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How-to Blogs and Videos
If you're not in the mood to chat, head over to our Shopivana Help Center and find everything from web design and SEO tutorials all the way down to store management.

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eCommerce Website Builder

Frequently Asked Questions


Are E-Commerce websites only for professional sellers?


What are the most important aspects of selling online?

Product presentation is key to building your eCommerce website. An attractive website with high-quality images and engaging product descriptions helps to encourage potential customers to shop. It is important to have easy-to-read and memorable URLs, simple and intuitive page layouts, and a clear website structure with informative descriptions and sharp images.


How much time does it typically take to build an eCommerce website?

Depending on the functionalities you want in your eCommerce website, you can be online from anywhere between a few hours to a week. If you have any prior experience with website builders or other eCommerce platforms, you'll make quick work of your website launch.


Which payment methods can I offer to my customers?

Adding as many payment methods as possible is incredibly profitable and may cause a customer to purchase from your eCommerce website. We offer integrated payment platforms like Cashfree, Paytm, Razorpay, Stripe, PayU, and Paypal. No matter what platform you choose, Shopivana eCommerce Website Builder will not charge you any extra for the transaction costs.


Does the Shopivana eCommerce website builder have a free plan?

Yes, Shopivana offers a free trial for 30 days where you can add up to 25 products for your eCommerce website. Just Sign Up and you are ready to build your eCommerce website.